Usher’s News & Analysis for June 28, 2020

Radical-leftist news?

Fireworks, what’s not to like? Well, there’s excessive air pollution, extreme noise, stress, sleep deprivation, frightened animals, fires, property damage, injuries, and even deaths.

Fireworks caused more than 11,500 brush, grass or forest fires in 2018.

Fireworks Spark Utah Wildfire That Forces 100 People To Leave Their Homes

COVID-19 news is finally showing governments fessing up the fact they reopened too much and too quickly. They were all wildly premature. It had to get in-your-face obvious before they had no choice but to admit it. Even governments that pushed hard not to close in the first place or pushed hard to reopen completely have had to reverse course. Meanwhile, Trump keeps saying how well he’s done managing the national response to the pandemic. Who’s buying it?

Of course, there are those who are still demanding governments throw obvious facts under the bus and totally reopen. They claim to have the constitutional right to be reckless and endanger others, even the whole of society.

None of that is to say that governments couldn’t have been doing vastly better making staying at home easy.

The new cloud capabilities in some models have produced better simulations in certain ways. The clouds in CESM2, for example, look more realistic when compared to observations. But clouds have a complicated relationship with climate warming – certain types of clouds in some locations reflect more sunlight, cooling the surface, while others can have the opposite effect, trapping heat.

Aerosols, which can be emitted naturally from volcanoes and other sources as well as by human activity, also reflect sunlight and have a cooling effect. But they interact with clouds too, changing their formation and brightness and, therefore, their ability to heat or cool the surface.

Clouds the Likely Cause of Increased Global Warming in Latest Generation of Climate Models

BLM leader: America is an ‘experiment’ ready for ‘change’

Donald Trump has called Hawk Newsome’s statement “treason, sedition, insurrection”.

However, the BLM leader in New York told us Trump should be worrying about solving the problem instead.

By the way, it’s not illegal under the secular law of the USA to be a violent revolutionary. The only real legal question is where the one who is willing to be such draws the line. What actions or inactions by those in power would precipitate a violent-revolutionary response?

Remember, the founders of the United States of America were violent revolutionaries. Has the US made their action against the British crown retroactively illegal? No.

Donald Trump should keep all that in mind before calling the actions of others treasonous or claiming they’re engaged in sedition.

If Black people in the US are equal under the law to whites, and they are, and if those Black people don’t see the current government acting aggressively to curb and eliminate racism within the government especially, then those Blacks have exactly the same right to abolish that government (by the same means the founders of the US used) and to institute a government that WILL act aggressively to curb and eliminate racism within the government. Anyone who doesn’t understand that doesn’t understand American history and law.

The powerholders are afraid because they can no longer control the narrative. Even those within their institutions, the corporate media, are breaking ranks and refusing to be complicit. The ruling class will do whatever it can to wrest that control back even if it means arrests and intimidation of people, breaking the law, and violating the Constitution.

The prosecution of Julian Assange, assaults on the media, and censorship of alternative voices are all an attack on our right to know. Knowledge is power. We must not lose the right to know what our government, state actors, and corporations are doing.

Popular Resistance Newsletter – Our right to know is under attack