Usher’s News & Analysis for July 28, 2020

Krystal and Saagar: GOP In MELTDOWN, Puts Economy On Brink Of Catastrophic Crash

Abolitionists argue we should eliminate all forms of policing and incarceration ….

Well, that’s fine, but the question is when and how. Who doesn’t want to live in a world where police and jails and prisons don’t exist because everyone does what’s right or at least doesn’t go beyond the pale and at least always responds positively (without unreasonable recidivism) to all the social efforts of the community to get at and correct the root causes of real crimes and to not let the system relapse.

Apparently, however, there are quite a number of people who want to abolish all policing and incarceration instantly. They want to take all the funding going into those things and spend it on what I call the root-causes system.

So, here’s the obvious question. What do you do between the time that all policing and incarceration is ended and when the new root-causes system is up and running and has had time to work its work? How many sociopathic and psychopathic, hardened, extremely violent criminals are just going to not engage in their pattern of criminal behavior while the root-causes system is established and fully working?

For me, immediate, full abolition is not a sensible plan at all. What I’m in favor of is goal-setting that if met, will automatically continue the plan and process of transformation from what we have had as law-enforcement and policing and incarcerating into the root-causes system.

In addition, all those now working in the policing/incarcerating system must be fully economically supported throughout the transformation.

With that in mind, read How Transformative Justice Responds To Violence Without The Carceral System.

… Newsom highlighted a program called Housing for the Harvest aimed at providing hotel or motel rooms for agricultural or food processing workers that need to isolate from their families. The Federal Emergency Management Agency will pay for the bulk of the program.

California Governor Pledging to Support Essential Workers

Oppose the legislation.

Factory farming interests, facing potential legal risks for allegedly failing to protect workers from coronavirus-related risks, are among the many business interests now backing efforts to obtain special immunity from legal liability.

In April, as meat supply chains came under enormous pressure to continue producing food during the pandemic, factory farms became some of the first hot spots for the rampant spread of the coronavirus. Nearly 100 workers at a variety of meat-processing plants across the country have died of Covid-19 and several thousand have been infected across the industry, a crisis that has spurred lawsuits alleging that the meat industry has failed to protect workers.

The legal threat could be undone by new liability waiver laws, a legislative priority for Republicans in both the House and Senate that has received political support from the industry and influential think tanks.

Meat Industry Campaign Cash Flows to Officials Seeking to Quash Covid-19 Lawsuits

Ernst Götsch, a leader in the regenerative agriculture world, estimates that agroforestry systems can create eight times more profit than conventional agriculture.

Agroforestry Is Both Climate Friendly and Profitable

“The fact that the school is still trying to stop students from speaking out for Palestinian freedom, now, with annexation and in the middle of a pandemic, is beyond belief.”

“We are confident that the appeals court, like Supreme Court Justice Bannon, will find that Fordham‘s denial of club recognition for SJP was no more than an act of naked political censorship,” said attorney Alan Levine.

Civil Rights Groups Ask Appellate Court to Reject Renewed Palestine Censorship Efforts by Fordham University

When major banks are not the worst business entities:

… Deutsche Bank joins a growing list of more than two dozen banks worldwide that have ruled out support for drilling in the Arctic, including five of the six biggest American banks— Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo, Chase, Citi, and Morgan Stanley.

Multinational Banking Giant Deutsche Bank Will Not Fund Arctic Drilling

… all you need to do is restart your device and the tools should load normally.

While that is pretty simple, it’s still not ideal, as restarting your PC just to ensure some tools load properly can be disruptive. There’s also the danger that some users will miss the error messages, and continue to use their PCs under the impression that the security tools have loaded correctly.

Major Windows 10 security flaw leaves your PC vulnerable – but there’s a quick fix

Internal source code from 50 high-profile companies including Microsoft, Disney, and Nintendo has been leaked and posted online for people to access

Obviously, heat and humidity have NOT knocked out SARS-CoV-2.

Excellent info for those who didn’t know:
Do the Weather and Seasons Affect Coronavirus Transmissibility? (Prof. Jeffrey Shaman)

We speak to Prof. Jeffrey Shaman, Director of the Climate and Health Program at Columbia University. He discusses the possible effects of the climate on influenza viruses and Coronavirus, why the Coronavirus pandemic is significantly harder for forecasting fatality with regards to atmospheric conditions and human behaviour, how Coronavirus can have innate seasonality, how winter could make the Coronavirus more transmissible, the findings of studies which have looked into how atmospheric conditions affect the Coronavirus and much more!