Usher’s News & Analysis for July 31, 2020

Look, lots of libertarian-capitalists and a number of rather progressive people are constantly complaining that the COVID-19 numbers have been and are still being fudged. Well, there are those who play fast and loose with the stats and do so for $$$$s; however, even with that truth, the damn thing (COVID-19) is awful and shouldn’t be minimized.

It’s a disastrous mentality that just shrugs it off and is very willing to sacrifice others to the virus just to achieve an unproven “herd immunity.” They act as if it’s all or nothing concerning the total takeover by the hyper-greedy-corporatist vaccine powers, that we have to claim there’s nothing to worry about concerning COVID-19 or completely cave in under the weight of corporate lobbying and media purchases (censorship).

It is not an either-or situation. We can demand a real, open, honest debate on every issue and prevail if we focus on that and don’t turn others off who’ve lost people to the disease or have loved ones suffering from it now or are suffering from it themselves, etc.

Some people don’t know the difference between today’s “liberals” and today’s “progressives” in the US. It really comes down primarily to corporatism.

Today’s liberals buy into the corporatist spin on pretty much everything so long as it doesn’t tread too much on the mixed economy. Progressives don’t buy into the corporatist spin at all.

Progressives always reserve judgment until they’ve had an opportunity to check whether something coming out of the corporate media is spin or reasonably accurate and informative concerning the full range of possibilities.

Today’s liberals are not classical-economic liberals, who were the laissez-faire crowd at the beginning of capitalism versus the “nobility.” They are also not the civil-libertarians of my youth, who were for maximum freedom and liberty but, again, not at the expense of the mixed economy and welfare state.

Today’s progressives aren’t the progressives of the Teddy Roosevelt era, who were reformers and regulators of the laissez-faire system but still decidedly capitalist. Today’s progressives are civil-libertarians and democrats. It’s a lowercase-d to differentiate from the Democratic Party. Many progressive self-identify as democratic socialists even though they don’t mean full socialism but simply more control over the commanding heights of the economy than is typically pursued under social democracy and certainly more than under a mere welfare state with no nationalization of any economic sectors with the probable exception of aspects of the military and national-security state.

Today’s progressives believe the problem lies in who controls money creation and dissemination. Progressives want it done democratically by the People, who aren’t able to be purchased the way elected “representatives” and corporate media are in what’s called our limited, representational, democratic republic.

Today’s liberals buy into neocon false-propaganda concerning all things foreign policy except for the full-blown neoliberal economics (laissez-faire corporatism particularly for banks). Whereas, today’s progressives never buy into the neocon narrative on foreign policy but rather always check things out first.

It’s a stupid idea to hear this.

Michael Flynn still remains in legal limbo even after Barr ruling

The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals announces the full court will hear the case of the DOJ’s decision to drop charges against President Trump’s former national security adviser; Doug McKelway reports.

Does this sound like the right time to cut back on federal stimulus to the unemployed? It doesn’t to me.

Economy suffers record-breaking GDP fall due to COVID-19

BTW, the stats were annualized, not actual (yet): No, GDP Didn’t Plunge “32.9%” in Q2, it Plunged a Still Terrible 9.5%: Time to Kill “Annual Rates”

Xi wasn’t worthy to tie this man’s shoes, not that I agreed with everything Lee supported.

Lee Teng-hui, who as president of Taiwan led its transformation from an island in the grip of authoritarian rule to one of Asia’s most vibrant and prosperous democracies, died on Thursday in Taipei, the capital.

Lee Teng-hui, 97, Who Led Taiwan’s Turn to Democracy, Dies

Someone could have thrown a firecracker at the station, and with incredible luck, got it wedged into the tiny gap between the plywood and the window. Of course, a firecracker-attack just isn’t as exciting as a full-fledged bomb, and makes the SPD’s spraying of protestors with chemical weapons seem a little disproportionate.

Expert Says Cops Are Wrong About a “Firework” Damaging the East Precinct

Of the adults surveyed statewide, 64% said they support or strongly support moving money from police budgets to better officer training and programs for homelessness, mental health and domestic violence. …

Most adults surveyed were in favor of reallocating police funding, but the average respondent said a smaller amount – 34% of current budgets – should be set aside for better training, mental health assistance and preventing domestic violence.

KING 5 poll: Most Washingtonians want some police funds moved to social programs

Matt Stoller: Breaking Down The Many LIES Big Tech CEOs Told Congress

Research Director at the American Economic Liberties Project, Matt Stoller, gives his take on Congressional testimony by big tech leaders Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Tim Cook, and Sundar Pichai.