Usher’s News & Analysis for Aug. 2, 2020

Scientists In Washington State Have Trapped Their 1st Murder Hornet


… police should not receive protections that are not granted to ordinary citizens.

Missouri prosecutor calls for changes to laws that shield police

Well, it’s better than Trump.

Biden said Congress should “provide emergency unemployment benefits, greater access to food and nutrition programs, and full subsidies to allow families to keep their health insurance,” adding that doing so could “put the nation in a much stronger position to handle the strain the virus is putting on millions of Americans and our entire economy.”

Biden calls on Trump, Congress to enact an emergency housing program

Right-wing Zionists hate Ilhan Omar with a passion.

Trump’s ineptitude is ringing out. He lacks self-discipline. He doesn’t know how to set the proper priorities or how to follow through once he starts something. He is by far the most herky-jerky President, without rhyme or reason, in history. A few things he started on were good, but he quit working on them for no apparent reason. We need a President who doesn’t suffer from attention deficit.

Last night, the world was watching Portland. Here’s what they saw: Federal troops left downtown. Local officials protected free speech. And Oregonians spoke out for Black Lives Matter, racial justice, and police accountability through peaceful, non-violent protest.
— Governor Kate Brown (@OregonGovBrown) July 31, 2020

Portland protests peaceful after federal officers scale back presence

Libertarian Airbnb keeps having to roll back on its libertarianism.

Home rental company Airbnb is shutting down properties that ignore social distancing guidelines and company policy to host massive parties. On Friday, the company announced that 35 listings in New Jersey that have received complaints or violated party or event policies are being suspended or removed for “irresponsible behavior.”

More than 700 people attended an Airbnb house party in New Jersey. Now, the home rental company is cracking down.

This is what happens when you lock down and let up too much and too quickly or don’t lock down at all.

First, the Pacific Northwest and the Northeast were hit hardest as the coronavirus tore through the nation. Then it surged across the South. Now the virus is again picking up dangerous speed in much of the Midwest — and in cities from Mississippi to Florida to California that thought they had already seen the worst of it.

As the United States rides what amounts to a second wave of cases, with daily new infections leveling off at an alarming higher mark, there is a deepening national sense that the progress made in fighting the pandemic is coming undone and that no patch of America is safe.

Meanwhile, Trump doesn’t have the brains or political will to shut things down and support the people at the grassroots level.

After plummeting, COVID-19 is again picking up dangerous speed in much of the Midwest and whole country if you’ve been paying attention to how it moves around when lockdowns are insufficient.

… a dozen leading pro-democracy campaigners have been disqualified from running in legislative elections ….

It’s totally ironic, but what does Xi care. He can do anything he wants. His word is law. He’s an absolute monarch. All citizens of China are his subjects.

Hong Kong ‘issues arrest warrants’ for exiled democracy activists

I can guarantee that Putin is not rubbing his hands together ready to invade Europe. He has zero interest in invading Europe. He would only invade Europe if Russia were attacked and he could see no alternative. The following article is total nonsense: pure, neocon, false propaganda.

Europe needs zero US troops. The only reason they are there is to make money via the military-industrial complex. Putin has only ever involved Russian troops when he could see no other option. He held back for what seemed like forever.

Trump’s Germany troops pullout may be his last gift to Putin before the election

If you want to overdose on a protest in Jerusalem, here you go.

Anti-Netanyahu demo in Jerusalem