Usher’s News & Analysis for Aug. 21, 2020

I'd never seen this approach before: suing a non-governmental entity the complainant allege works directly in league with the government to censor criticism of that government, which alleged action violates the complainant's right to free political speech and directly and deliberately subverts democracy.

In this case, the concept goes beyond the defendant and government. It goes to the heart of non-governmental entities funding political cronies to benefit those donors via the suppression of truth concerning them.

This is a major risk-management issue. If huge corporations can work in cahoots with crony politicians to severely or completely marginalize their critics, rendering those critics voiceless, then we are de facto disenfranchised, as we are held back from the ability to be informed. Our votes are made under a condition of insufficient information to the extent that our votes become technically meaningless. Democracy is dead in such situations. We end up with bad government working exclusively for deceitful, greedy elitists.

This impacts not only private individuals and households but small and medium sized firms and even large corporations unwilling to engage in the activity. Huge, corrupt corporations and those who control them, end up controlling the state and by virtue of that, effectively own everything. All else is a mere facade designed to trick those not a party to the exploit.

CHD Holds Press Conference with Legal Team and Plaintiff in Lawsuit Against Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, and Three of Facebook’s So-Called “Fact-Checkers”

Completely re-nationalized the US Postal Service.

The universal service commitment makes possible the provision of regular mail delivery to relatively isolated rural locations. If the Postal Service were an unregulated, profit-making concern, mail delivery would cost a premium for customers in such areas. That is why, when push comes to shove, you can find conservative members of Congress from rural districts sticking up for their relatively costly local post offices and mail routes.

It’s Not Just Trump [but also Clinton-Gore and Obama-Biden]: The Neoliberal Roots of the Postal Service Crisis - We should defend the Post Office, both from Trump and the ideology of austerity that treats the agency “like a business.”

Geometric mean: excellent article:

Common mistakes when assessing cyberrisks

"We The People deserve a representative government that admits the truth." I hope that's meant regardless of what political party is in charge. The following comes from a "conservative" website. If "conservatives" were the one's caught with their pants down instead, would it still apply? I hope so.

... honest sunlight delivery means taking people back into the background of the larger story and explaining what decisions were made; with brutal honesty and without trepidation for the consequences, regardless of their severity and regardless of the friends of Bill Barr compromised by the truth.

Here’s a big reason why Bill Barr should take that approach: We Know.

We know; the DOJ trying to hide it doesn’t change our level of information.

Regardless of whether Bill Barr actually admits what surrounds him, there are people who know… We know…. You know…. William Aldenberg knows and likely by tonight John Durham knows; so AG Bill Barr shouting at President Trump not to ‘tweet‘ doesn’t change the fact this corrupt curtain has been removed and the truth stands on its own merit.

It’s time to come clean.

We The People deserve a representative government that admits the truth.

Substantive Elements of The Big Story Behind The Mueller Special Counsel Purpose…

... the two authors simply assume that the investigations are political in design and purpose. Durham does not. There are no reports that Durham has been denied total control over his investigation, including when he enters pleas or indictments.

I don't think they assume that. I think they've only taken the position for political reasons themselves. They know that the Durham findings will further sink the Democratic-Party Machine (corporatist) and serve to usher in more and more progressives, whether in that party or otherwise.

Justice Delayed or Justice Denied? A Response To Andrew Weissmann And Ryan Goodman

My readers know my open position is that its wrong to equate the State of Israel with all Jews and to equate criticism of that state with anti-Semitism (which is actually a misnomer, as it should be anti-Jew; Arabs are also Semites). They also know that I oppose the right-wing Zionists controlling the State of Israel.

'Big Mistake': Progressives Slam Biden Campaign for Dismissal of Muslim-American Advocate Linda Sarsour