Usher’s News & Analysis for Nov. 21, 2020

Now that the results are certified, the Trump 2020 Campaign will have until Tuesday to request another recount, he said, because the vote is within a half-percent. The recount would be paid for by the state.

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp certifies election results, calls for another hand recount

Making students pay to go to school retards the nation. Any person able and willing to do the academic work should be able to attend school full time without any concerns about how it will be paid. If everyone able and willing could go all the way through college and grad school in the US, we'd have the best educated and prepared population in the world. We'd solve more problems and quickly. The only people who typically hate these facts are those who profit directly off making students or their parents pay.

Cancel student-loan debt? That’s making the working class subsidize the elite!

The new method being used at the King County testing sites involves a swab being inserted only about a half-an-inch inside a person's nose.

King County unveils less invasive test to detect COVID-19

Nashville housing market still booming despite the COVID-19 pandemic

To me, "Stop the Steal" is, so far, no better than was Russiagate. The American people are being extremely foolish on nearly all sides by not only putting up with the nonsense but also by buying into it so often.

Krystal and Saagar: Tucker Carlson, Fox News TRASH Giuliani Press Conference