Usher’s News & Analysis for Jan. 8, 2021

Just one of the very many bad moves against the environment by the Donald J. Trump administration: We reintroduce wolves only to kill them before they've recovered? What the article doesn't mention is just how beneficial wolves are to the ecosystem. They control other populations from getting out of control.

Gray Wolves Lose Federal Endangered Species Act Protections


With the coronavirus pandemic and resulting economic crisis continuing to throw hundreds of thousands of people out of work each week, more than a million Americans are reportedly still waiting on their first unemployment check thanks in large part to a fragmented U.S. benefit system that has been marred by years of inadequate funding, outdated technology, and right-wing attacks.

'Decades of Anti-Government Politics' Blamed as 1 Million+ in US Still Waiting Months for Jobless Benefits

Bad decision:

A British judge on Wednesday morning denied bail to Julian Assange, a move that will keep the WikiLeaks founder detained in a notorious London prison as the Trump administration appeals the U.K. court's rejection of its extradition request.

'Absolutely Outrageous': UK Judge Denies Julian Assange Bail, Keeping WikiLeaks Founder in Prison

The future is gained this way: The people over the corporations.

"In almost every respect," tweeted Will Stancil of the Institute on Metropolitan Opportunity at University of Minnesota, "the campaigns that Warnock and Ossoff ran were closer to what progressives counseled than what moderates have counseled... They did NOT engage in the kind of Clintonite triangulation that political wise men always advise for red states."

1. They very aggressively attacked their opponents' corruption and scandalous misbehavior at every available opportunity.
2. They campaigned heavily on bold promises of direct financial aid - literally just thousands of dollars coming as a check in the mail.

— Will Stancil (@whstancil) January 6, 2021

Progressive Push for $2,000 Checks in Georgia Shows Bold, Universal Policies Winning Strategy for Democrats

Air-Fi is another path to stealing data from an isolated computer

Op-Ed: How the FDA Ignores the Law When Approving New Chemical Additives To Food

Has there ever been a good herbicide or pesticide? I know of none. As far as I know, they've all been worse for the environment, health, and safety.

Jury awards $265 million to Bader Farms in lawsuit against Bayer, BASF

... clear scientific evidence that the vaccines are safe and effective.

"Just trust us." Well, many people don't and many of them work in healthcare.

Large Numbers Of Health Care And Frontline Workers Are Refusing Covid-19 Vaccine

It is a very bad sign that Biden is loading up on neocons and so-called liberal interventionists for his administration. Many of the people he's picking are Empire Builders who don't care whether they tell the truth or not so long as the Empire grows. They call it patriotism. I call it corruption.

Biden to tap more Obama vets to fill key national security roles

“Exodus” Havoc: Rents Plunge in San Francisco, New York, Boston, Seattle, Other High-Cost Cities, but Soar 50% in Newark in 18 Months, with Double-Digit Jumps in 20 Cities

Now Amazon has two air hubs, one at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport and one at Leipzig/Halle Airport in Germany. It has regional hubs and “Gateway facilities” – used for one-day shipping – at airports across the US and in numerous cities around the world. And it will soon have over 90 cargo planes in service. These are starting to be substantive air cargo operations that have come practically out of nowhere.

These air cargo operations complement Amazon’s ballooning empire of ground delivery services and fulfillment centers.

Just over the month of December 2020, effectively in the three weeks from December 1 through 22, Amazon announced eight new facilities: seven fulfillment centers and a delivery station.
... For other companies that have to deal with Amazon in one way or the other, the motto is, don’t get trampled.

Many people hate Jeff Bezos; however, he's obviously good at what he does. Is he taking too much for himself and for his top executives rather than spreading the wealth? Of course he is. Which billionaire hasn't?

The Amazon Empire Beefs Up its Logistics Juggernaut

Kudos to Wolf Richter for being a valuable source!

Under a flood of stimulus money, consumers triggered a historic drop in credit card debt and a sharp drop in credit card delinquencies. Auto loan delinquencies also declined. But 5.5% of all mortgages are still in forbearance where borrowers don’t have to make mortgage payments – 2.7 million mortgages! And eviction bans allow renters to skip rent payments. And even consumers that were in arrears didn’t have to fend off creditors and landlords with a bankruptcy filing ....
But commercial Chapter 11 filings – when a business attempts to restructure its debts while operating rather than liquidating – surged 29% to 7,128 filings, the highest since 2012 when the effects of the Financial Crisis were winding down. ...
But not included in the bankruptcy filing data are the many small companies that shut down quietly, with the owners working out deals with their creditors, landlords, banks, and credit card companies, without resorting to a bankruptcy filing. Many small retail stores, restaurants, and services businesses, such as hair and nail salons, fall into this category. Tens of thousands of restaurants are said to have shut down permanently due to the Pandemic.

How will all this unwind?

The wisest politicians will make it all as smooth as possible for everyone. That's what I'd do. I wouldn't punish or neglect anyone.

How Will This Unwind? Amid Stimulus, Forbearance, Eviction Bans, Consumer Bankruptcies Dropped to Lowest in Decades. Commercial Chapter 11 Bankruptcies Highest in Years

You've heard it before. "Give me liberty, or give me death." Well, empathy-free liberty IS death.

... some countries, such as Australia and New Zealand, have done a better job controlling the pandemic.

"It's completely up to us to be able to bring the virus under control," she said. "The virus is controllable, including these variants."

The US reported more than 4,000 Covid-19 deaths in one day for the first time ever

I never had any doubt Trump would step back and leave the White House peacefully, but I never thought he'd be even remotely as stupid as he has been in the lead up to turn the place over to Biden.

'Many' mob members from Capitol rioting will be prosecuted: Cuccinelli

Adenovirus-based vaccines for Covid-19 are more rugged than the mRNA vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna. DNA is not as fragile as RNA, and the adenovirus’s tough protein coat helps protect the genetic material inside. As a result, Sputnik V can be refrigerated and does not require very low storage temperatures.

How Gamaleya’s Vaccine Works

This was the first thing that ran through my mind too.

... Trump supporters now declare his political career is ‘done’

Even before this, I didn't think he had a chance for 2024. He was just not smart enough.

Is this true?

Regardless, Trump's helter-skelter style finally caught up with him. He learned in office but not nearly enough, much less than I had expected.

... violent invasion of the Capitol left four people dead ....
Trump, seemingly oblivious to the stain his presidency is leaving on U.S. history, cheered on his extremist supporters in a since-removed Twitter video. “We love you,” he told them.

Pro-Trump rioters smeared poop in U.S. Capitol hallways during belligerent attack

Way too little and way, way, way too late:

Trump finally admits defeat: 'A new administration will be inaugurated on January 20'

In a word: inept.

What a terrible way to go out. The vast, vast majority of Trump's complaints were put to the courts and other authorities, and the details after investigation didn't stand up under scrutiny. He's been given answers, valid answers, but simply ignores them. He may have a few valid points, but the proper way to deal with those is not how he's usually gone about things.

This is what Trump told supporters before many stormed Capitol Hill

Business leaders weigh cutting off funds to Republicans involved in electoral objections

Oh, look, all conspiracy theories are not invalid. Lumping them all together to reject them is just as bad as lumping them all together to accept them. There is definitely a deep state. Anyone who's studied US history to any reasonable degree knows it full well.

On Far-Right Websites, Plans To Storm Capitol Were Made In Plain Sight

Mercola does a nice overview of alternative medicine and COVID-19. As he rightly points out, most of the info is highly censored.

WSJ: Hospitals Return to Basics for COVID Treatment

Patch this major security hole.

Sorry to inform you that we have been reported 4.60 got one critical vulnerability disclosed by security expertise, so we decided to remove all the FWs from cloud and website right away (except for USG FLEX 100W/700 due to base FW upgrade). 4.60 patch 1 is planned to release on 12/15, including this vulnerability and another fixes.

We have fixed vulnerability issue by 4.60-WK48 firmware. You can download firmware by: ...

ZLD v4.60 Revoke and WK48 Firmware release — Zyxel

It will be good when this is fully rolled out/default.

Encrypted Client Hello: the future of ESNI in Firefox

Malware samples which were typically detected by about 50% of antivirus engines on VirusTotal, yielded 0 detections when encrypted with Ezuri, at the time of AT&T's research.

Even today, as observed by BleepingComputer, the Ezuri-packed sample has less than a 5% detection rate on VirusTotal.

Linux malware authors use Ezuri Golang crypter for zero detection

Democratic Senate control allows the party to use two obscure, but highly effective, tools to move their priorities through the chamber. First, the Congressional Review Act is an expedited oversight tool that allows Congress to overturn rules issued by federal agencies. Democrats in Congress will likely use this tool to reverse many of President Trump's deregulatory actions on climate, banking and the environment.

The second tool is budget reconciliation, which allows the majority party to use one spending or revenue bill per year to expedite consideration of certain tax, budget and spending related legislation. Additionally, budget reconciliation measures in the Senate require simple majority votes and not the normal 60 vote threshold.

Georgia Senate Race Shakes Up Congress

... a borrower is eligible for a second draw PPP loan only if it has 300 or fewer employees and experienced a revenue reduction of 25% or greater in any three-month period in 2020 relative to the same quarter 2019. Additionally, the IFR makes it clear that they will allow businesses to submit copies of annual tax forms showing a decline of annual revenue by 25% or greater in 2020 compared to 2019 as proof of the revenue decline.

SBA and Treasury Issue Guidance on Revived PPP

Note the word "severe." More people had negative reactions that were less than severe. They can't discuss long-term problems yet, obviously. That's a big concern that nobody's bringing up in the MSM.

1 in 100,000 Had Severe Allergic Reaction to COVID Shot: CDC

Feds: Firm Dumped Liquid Landfill Waste into Flint’s System; Owner Charged

The hurricane season was “hyperactive,” with a record 30 storms, surpassing 2005’s 28 storms, Munich Re said.

Heat waves and droughts are fueling wildfires, with $16 billion in damage last year in the U.S. West.

Floods in China were the most costly individual loss at $17 billion, but only 2% of the damage was insured.

Global Natural Catastrophes Cost $210 Billion in 2020: Munich Re

For many legal analysts, President Donald Trump remains a type of criminal Midas figure: everything he says or does turns instantly into a crime. Over the last few years, the media has published a long line of unfounded criminal theories by experts claiming that a tweet or a meeting or a statement established a clear prosecutable case. It is a popular and profitable take with the media which has been feeding an insatiable appetite for such reassuring views. Law has become a recreation and legal analysts have become part of the legal entertainment.

This pattern is continuing to the very end of the Trump Administration. Within minutes of the leaking of a call between Trump and Georgia election officials, the same experts were declaring yet another clear crime.

That not only applies to the call but also his speech at the rally right before the deadly riot at the Capitol. I say that as one who totally disagrees with Trump about the election.

Trump’s Midas Touch: Legal Experts Line Up To Declare The Georgia Call As The Latest Crime By Trump – JONATHAN TURLEY

"GOP PUNISHED For Fake Populism." Yes, they did. However, will the Democrats live up to all the pre-election talk?

This is how it "played" on RT UK.

Capitol Chaos | 4 killed, 52 arrested, 14 officers injured after Trump supporters stormed Congress

You may not agree with the system Maduro is working on, but the Venezuelans have a democratic right to try the system they want.

Venezuelan Foreign Minister on why Juan Guaidó wasn't arrested & the left's revival in Latin America

As Venezuela elects and swears in a new National Assembly Red Lines host Anya Parampil sits down with the country's Foreign Minister, Jorge Arreaza, in their latest conversation since the US launched its coup attempt against his government in January of 2019. They discuss the impact of US regime change policy on Venezuela's domestic political situation, why Juan Guaidó has not been arrested, hope for diplomacy with the incoming Biden Administration, the left's resurgence in Latin America, and more.