Usher’s News for Feb. 19, 2021

Back-to-back winter storms making their way across the U.S. this week have claimed dozens of lives in at least eight states, as people succumbed to carbon monoxide poisoning, died in car crashes, slipped on dangerous ice and fell victim to other hazards of the extremely dangerous weather.
The back to back storms, combined with the year-long coronavirus pandemic that hit Texas worse than many other states, are pushing residents to their limits.
“It’s worse than a hurricane,” Harrell told The Associated Press.

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Yet of all people, DeSantis should know it’s unwise to claim victory before the virus has run its course; with COVID-19, the appearance of a successful or unsuccessful response is largely contingent on the trajectory of the pandemic at any given point. After Florida rushed to reopen in early May, for instance, cases started to climb; by mid-July it was considered one of the worst-hit places in the world, with an average of 12,000 new cases per day. January’s peak — nearly 20,000 new daily cases — was even higher. Both times, DeSantis’s approval rating plummeted. It turns out that doing as little as possible to slow the spread of COVID-19 gets less popular when COVID-19 is spreading fast.

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