Usher’s News & Analysis for Feb. 23, 2021

Early Morning Rain (Gordon Lightfoot Cover)

The following is a neocon-CIA driven false-propaganda campaign against Russia and Putin. Navalny is an out-and-out racist and pathological liar. He's a total CIA asset. There isn't the remotest possibility Navalny will ever lead Russia. That's because the Russian people would never choose him. Most Russians think he's the joke that he is.

E.U. imposes sanctions on Russian officials after Navalny imprisonment

Stupid foreign policy:

Biden readies his first major penalties on Russia

The Arctic is warming more than twice as quickly as the rest of the world and the area covered by ice there has reached historic lows multiple times over the past 12 months. Satellite images show that ice coverage is now 7% lower than the average over the past four decades.

First Arctic Navigation in February Sends a Worrying Climate Signal

I've always been in favor of this.

Economist: SHOCK POLL Shows 93 Percent Of Americans Support Federal Jobs Program, Time To Deliver

This has been one of the pillars of the Modern Money Theory Movement.

Libertarian capitalists and many other capitalists (not all) oppose it because they always put their profits above the working and unemployed poor. They believe that if there is a federal job as a last resort for the unemployed, it would reduce the willingness of workers to work under worse circumstances then the work the federal government would have them do.

Krystal and Saagar: Biden CAVES On $15 Minimum Wage Without Even Putting Up A Fight

Steve Keen - focus on infrastructure post-covid