Usher’s Reality for Sept. 6, 2021

In recent years, scientists have come to understand that deep water is fundamental to understanding a path of a hurricane. “Deeper warm water tends to be more conducive to hurricanes than shallow warm water because as a hurricane moves overhead, its winds churn up the water in a process called upwelling, which brings deeper water up to the surface,” said Kimberly Wood, assistant professor in the at Mississippi State University. “When that deeper water is a similar and also high temperature to the original sea surface temperature, that ‘new’ water will continue to provide fuel to the storm.”

Climate Change Fueled Hurricane Ida With Warm, Deep Seawater

A review of department records showed PFAS has been detected at levels up to 213,000 parts per trillion at the former Wurtsmith Air Force Base in Oscoda, Michigan, which closed in 1993, the Environmental Working Group said.

State officials discovered the contamination in 2010. The Air Force is treating PFAS-contaminated groundwater at some sites in the area, but local residents and members of Congress have called the actions insufficient and demanded a stronger and faster approach.

The environmental group said its study turned up high readings at five other Great Lakes bases.

‘Forever Chemicals’ Found in Groundwater Near Military Bases

Disclosure: Every medical bill I get is checked against the policy. When in doubt, I call the carrier. So far, they've answered every question well and made every adjustment needed.

Enter GreedCare, where the White Coat is Supplanted by the Grey Pinstripe of Corporate Conglomerates

Therapeutic improvement in vitamin D to 80–100 ng/ml has significantly reduced the inflammatory markers associated with COVID-19 without any side effects. Hence, adjunctive Pulse D therapy can be added safely to the existing treatment protocols of COVID-19 for improved outcomes.

Impact of daily high dose oral vitamin D therapy on the inflammatory markers in patients with COVID 19 disease

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