Usher’s Super Hardball, Oct. 2, 2021: Too controversial for the title to say what it covers

Two new caches of documents have added considerable substance — though not yet proof — to the idea that the SARS2 epidemic may have originated in a lab accident.

One is a grant proposal written by EcoHealth in March 2018 to DARPA, a research agency in the Department of Defense. The document was obtained by DRASTIC, a research co-operative that is exploring the lab leak hypothesis, and released on September 20.

A prominent feature of the proposal is to “introduce appropriate human-specific cleavage sites” into SARS-like viruses. Such a procedure is eye-catching, if not jaw-dropping, because the distinctive feature of the SARS2 virus is a genetic element known as a furin cleavage site.

New Routes to Making Covid-19 In The Lab

I've read research papers claiming that the furin cleavage site in SARS2 is not at all uncommon. However, the research points to furin-like as opposed to furin itself. Just how "like" the other cleavage sites have been relative to SARS2 was also not specified.

As far as I'm aware, nothing has changed concerning the original observations made by scientists at the very beginning of the outbreak: that the SARS2 furin cleavage is a distinct outlier where the odds against it occurring in nature are astronomical.

The dictates of Biden that people be coerced into taking the "vaccines" (that aren't vaccines) seems to me to be a recipe for recession. Apparently, millions of people are refusing the shots. If they persist, it will drive the unemployment rates way up and set up a real battle over unemployment compensation.

Will the people have been fired for cause? Are the mandates constitutional in the face of all the controversy and supposedly conflicting data about the shots, various treatments (some banned regardless of indisputable efficacy as shown by hundreds of millions in India), censorship, and other aspects?

I say that because of those things, his mandates are unconstitutional.

Zillow as used-car lot of housing?

Zillow Accused Of MONKEYING With Housing Market

This sort of stuff IS going to end. It's only a matter of when, not if. Of course, the sooner, the better.

This brings to mind a major problem with laissez-faire capitalism, not all capitalism but definitely the anarchist type, which is what laissez-faire (libertarian) capitalism is: anarchy.

Probably the single most important mistake propping up flood-up economics (rentier capitalism) is that a huge swath of the population is deluded into imagining they too will join the ranks of the uber-rich, the plutocrats. However, it's a mathematical impossibility. It's a pyramid shape for a reason. It's a Ponzi scheme. An economy based upon leeches is not sustainable. An economy the size of America's that's not industrial-based but finance-based is fatally flawed. There's not enough out their to rape to sustain it.

Perhaps that's why the super rich are in a race to space. They want to pollute the whole cosmos the way they're destroying the Earth.

The second most important mistake propping up flood-up economics is that the plutocrats have been so successful at duping an even larger swath of the people into falsely believing that the plutocrats are responsible for whatever prosperity there is. It just flies in the face of all the cooperative efforts showing fantastic results for members.

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