Usher’s Super Hardball for Oct. 5, 2021: Too controversial for the title to say what it covers

Corruption in Britain🇬🇧: ‘City of London at Forefront of Tax Evasion & Money Laundering Industry’

I usually find myself disagreeing with Alexander Mercouris more often than not. However, on this issue, I couldn't agree more. Yesterday, in fact, I posted my clear suspicions concerning the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) that it is a neocon enterprise targeted at Vladimir Putin (on the level of Russiagate nonsense).

Chasing the Rainbow: The Pandora Papers and the Unending Quest for Putin's Non-Existent Billions

I feel sorry for all the duped progressives who are clearly jumping on the neocon bandwagon against Putin.

Despite featuring an image of Vladimir Putin front and center on their introductory piece, and mentioning Putin nearly 50 times in a spin-off article about the “hidden riches of Putin’s inner circle,” The Guardian had to admit in its reporting that the Russian president “does not appear in the files by name.” Instead, the paper focused on Putin’s “friends,” including billionaire businessman Gennady Timchenko, and Putin’s rumored past “girlfriend.” [Note that the WaPo did the same thing.]

‘Pandora papers’: New leaks reveal how world leaders use offshore companies to dodge millions of dollars in taxes

I just ran into a hyperventilating video about Facebook, etc., being down and whether it's deliberate or a mere coincidence regarding the 60 Minutes episode of Frances Haugen alleging all sorts of ethical failings on the part of Facebook.

Facebook Whistleblower Frances Haugen: The 60 Minutes Interview

Well, in the interest of reasonable transparency, I haven't spent any "social" time on Facebook in I can't remember when. I've only logged into Facebook when I've received notifications from Facebook stating that Facebook would change this, that, or the other by a certain date if I were to take no action.

I did decide to watch the 60 Minutes portion with Frances Haugen. I came away with a very unsatisfied feeling. There's a huge push for over-the-top censorship afoot designed by a clique of elitists with a "say one thing and do another" agenda. In the end, it's a corporate-neocon-liberal agenda.

It's objective is world domination for the sake of the US billionaire-class while the masses are kept in the dark by being fed mind-numbing content rife with false propaganda and zero alternative or truthful voices accessible ultimately anywhere. It is all decidedly anti-democratic while being sold as safety for democracy.

The degree to which Frances Haugen is a witting tool of that agenda remains to be seen.

Maurstad said half of all policyholders will reach the full increased price after five years of premium hikes. Another 40% will see cost increases for a decade before reaching the new rate, he said. Others will take even longer. Properties that were grandfathered in at prior flood insurance rates if the risk calculation changed for the area will lose that premium discount.

Analysis: Louisiana Braces For Flood Insurance Sticker Shock

by Wolf Richter • Oct 4, 2021

Sky-high availability rates. The gap between “asking rents” and “effective rents” widened further amid hefty concessions, free rent, and lower “taking rents.” Tenants have negotiating power.

Office markets had issues before the pandemic. For example, the Oil Bust made Houston the worst office market in the US starting in 2015. And a construction boom across the US put large amounts of office space on the market, under the calculus of insatiable demand. But during the pandemic, companies determined they wouldn’t need that much office space under their hybrid work-from-home models and dumped empty office space on the sublease market.

These companies are continuing to pay rent but want to cut their carrying costs, and they try to sublease the space to some other company, and they undercut landlords that are trying to direct-lease competing office space. Huge sublease inventories are the hallmark of this office market crisis.

Office Slump Gets Even Uglier in Q3: Houston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington DC, Seattle, Manhattan