Usher’s News for Oct. 13, 2021

How Tall Can We Build With Timber?

Saagar Enjeti: BlackRock, Goldman CAUGHT In Chinese Pay To Play Scheme

From 2016 to 2020—the five hottest years on record—there were more than 16 separate billion-dollar disasters per year, on average. Combined, the 81 events killed nearly 4,000 people, or more than a quarter of the death toll since 1980, and cost $640.3 billion, accounting for over 30% of the 40-year financial toll.

In 2021, US on Pace for Most Billion-Dollar Weather Disasters Since Records Began

If no developer can be found because the building is not worth redeveloping, or is not suitable for redevelopment for other reasons, such as location, or would cost too much to redevelop, given the local housing market, and if it can no longer compete in the local office market, it may have to be torn down after years of sitting there empty and boarded up, to make room for new construction, a small park, or a parking lot.

Apartment Conversions from Old Office Buildings, Hotels, Factories: The Numbers