Usher’s Super Hardball for Oct. 15, 2021: Too controversial for the title to say what it covers

Water: The New Gold

I see built in biases coming from the left (and I'm generally a leftist). Many talking heads on the left appear to stubbornly cling to preconceived notions even in the face of clearly countervailing evidence. A strong case in point concerns ivermectin. Rather than looking at the information coming from all sides on the issue, they run with only the naysaying or downplaying info coming solely from the "liberal" perspective.

"Liberal" naysayers are claiming that it's likely that the introduction of ivermectin was only coincidental to the virus dropping off naturally. Well, in other states in India with vastly higher vaccine-rates, the virus didn't drop off but got worse. The fact that exactly after introducing ivermectin on a huge scale, cases and deaths dropped like a rock is conveniently turned on its head so the mega-corporatist vaccine makers in the US can go on with mandates. Greed trickles down, and leftists (some) are stubbornly duped.

To top it off, people being fired or forced to quit over the mandates is downplayed in terms of the overall negative impact on our economy in the face of all the benefit cuts, etc. Well, I don't know why people aren't seeing all the news about people in multiple sectors in large numbers quitting over it or being fired over it. It's on top of people quitting for all sorts of reasons. It's enough to tip the balance into recession.

Furthermore, in the face of a pandemic, a good government will have no choice but to plan or carry out a good plan already there. A "planned economy" is required. The reason things haven't gone well is do to a lack of planning and execution and not due to a "planned economy" per se.

What we've lacked, and still lack, is transparency. There's too much censorship. There's too little public debate. That's why our system isn't truly democratic. The People have not chosen the top leadership. The corporations have.

'No Tech for Apartheid': 40+ Groups Demand Amazon and Google Ditch Israeli Military

Sen. Joe Manchin, one of a handful of Democratic lawmakers threatening to tank President Joe Biden's legislative agenda, has received at least $1.5 million in campaign donations from the businesses and trade groups leading corporate America's lobbying blitz against the Build Back Better reconciliation package, a new analysis by Accountable.US reveals.

Manchin Has Received $1.5 Million From Corporate Interests Attacking Biden Agenda: Report

Ivermectin or Molnupiravir

“We’re not going to go into 250-bushel corn fields and do this,” he says.

Why not?

A New Study on Regenerative Grazing Complicates Climate Optimism

Decades ago, I said their aim is to own the air and sunshine. Some people thought I was exaggerating.

... while the asset classes of the current economy are value at approximately $512 trillion, the asset classes unlocked by NACs are significantly larger at $4,000 trillion (i.e. $4 quadrillion). Thus, NACs open up a new feeding ground for predatory Wall Street banks and financial institutions that will allow them to not just dominate the human economy, but the entire natural world. In the world currently being constructed by these and related entities, where even freedom is being re-framed not as a right but “a service,” the natural processes on which life depends are similarly being re-framed as assets, which will have owners. Those “owners” will ultimately have the right, in this system, to dictate who gets access to clean water, to clean air, to nature itself and at what cost.

Wall Street’s Takeover of Nature Advances with Launch of New Asset Class

The historic high level of new business formations every month is part of the bizarre puzzle that this economy has become: The strange phenomenon of labor shortages, the enormous stimulus payments that went out, the federal unemployment payments that are now ending, the $800 billion in forgivable PPP loans that went to just about everyone last year and earlier this year, the 3.2 million people who still haven’t returned to the labor force….

The Amazing Explosion of New Businesses Continues as Americans Strike Out on their Own