Usher’s News & Commentary for Nov. 19, 2021


Mark Friedlander, head of corporate communications for the Insurance Information Institute (III), predicts that New York's legislation could result in homeowners across the state “paying a higher premium to subsidize the few homeowners with aggressive dogs," he told


Legislation passed in Nevada prohibits the use of a dog's breed to deny coverage or charge higher premiums. Mark Sektnan, vice president of the American Property-Casualty Insurance Association, expressed concern. “If insurers are forced to insure those homeowners with an increased risk, whether that's a leaky roof, an inadequate stove or an aggressive dog, they must be able to charge an adequate rate," he said.

States Curb Dog Breed Exclusions in Homeowners Insurance

One of those who managed to get out of Hope was Simon Fraser University professor Enda Brophy.

“If there’s anything to be learned from this experience, it’s we are woefully underprepared for the environmental disasters that are on the way. We can barely cope with the ones that we have,” he said by phone.

Canada Struggles to Reach 18,000 Stranded by Flood Waters

Three months before Daszak wrote that determination for the NIH — where he suggests the WIV1 virus they were going to use as the backbone for the chimeras had “never been demonstrated to infect humans or cause human disease” — his collaborator, Ralph Baric, Ph.D., had published a paper14 showing WIV1 did indeed have the ability to infect humans.15

Baric, who works at UNC Chapel Hill, had found the WIV1 virus “readily replicated efficiently in human airway cultures and in vivo,” and posed an “ongoing threat” to the human population. This completely contradicts Daszak’s statement, and it’s doubtful that Daszak would not be aware of the paper published by Baric three months earlier. It’s doubtful the NIH would be ignorant of Baric’s finding as well.

[gone] NIH and EcoHealth Colluded to Evade Research Restrictions []

The title is, "'Encouraging': Unlike Trump, Biden Backs Global Treaty for Plastic Pollution." However, what kind of teeth would the treaty have and what guaranty would the US give about keeping its obligations? Is this just another case of all talk and no action?

Landlords who don't engage in frivolous evictions should be upset with those who do. Those who don't should have nothing to fear from this: Right to Counsel Could Stave Off Worst of Eviction Crisis


Covid has led to an unprecedented level of medical censorship. Long-standing norms have been erased by a cabal of political and corporate elites that now dictate how medicine may be practiced. Medical journals reject or retract peer-reviewed scientific manuscripts with conclusions that do not support prevailing health policies or pharmaceutical company interests. And physicians who don’t toe the line are persecuted by their employers, ridiculed by their peers, and denied access to popular media platforms. If this trend continues, physicians—along with the patients they serve and the nature of scientific discovery itself—will soon be completely and irrevocably subordinated to special interests.

FLCCC Joins 13,000 Concerned Physicians and Scientists Challenging COVID-19 Policies

A righteous takedown of reprehensible US Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA):

The Steele Dossier and the End of Shame In American Politics – JONATHAN TURLEY

I like this woman!

War in Ethiopia fueled by Western propaganda

I often disagree with Alexander Mercouris, especially when he covers China. However, I think his analysis concerning the current position of Russia vis-a-vis Ukraine is quite good.

West Shocked as Moscow Rules out Summit on Ukraine, Insists on Direct Talks between Kiev and Donbass