Usher’s News & Commentary for Friday, Jan. 14, 2022

China's Skyscraper Boom is Officially Over

Revealed: scientists thought Wuhan Lab leak story could be true!

Fed Chair CONFRONTED On Inflation, Corporate Greed

FBI COVERS UP Jan 6 Role, Starts 'Domestic Terrorism' Unit

I totally agree: Elon Musk BOWS To China Revealing Fake Tough Guy Persona

Marianne Williamson wasn't popular in the primaries and the debates, but I liked her quite a bit. She raised things absolutely nobody else raised as a candidate. She was pooh-poohed by the mainstream media, of course. However, if the USA had been following most if not all of what she suggested as the right course for the country, there is zero doubt the USA would now be vastly better off. Would she have made mistakes as President? Who wouldn't have? I know of no one.

Marianne Williamson SHREDS Biden, AOC, Talks 2024 Primary

Producer final-demand prices rose 9.7 percent in 2021. (

150+ NY Groups Back Public Banking Bill to Declare 'Independence From Wall Street'

Progressives to Clinton and Other Corporate Democrats: 'Back Off' on Election Advice

... Beyer argued in a statement, "the House-passed Build Back Better Act would make crucial investments to lower inflation and cut household costs by investing in workers, boosting productivity and making healthcare and child care more affordable—all while being fully paid for by asking the wealthy and corporations to pay their fair share."

"The economic recovery and the Federal Reserve's actions [on interest rates] will bring down short-term inflation in 2022, but the Build Back Better Act presents the best tool at Congress' disposal to reduce inflationary pressure long-term, build economic resilience, and promote economic growth that is stronger, stable, and more broadly shared."

Report Debunks Manchin's Inflation Argument Against Build Back Better

'Victory': Ohio Supreme Court Strikes Down GOP Partisan Gerrymandering

It's amazing how reactionary the American leadership is. People in high places, including many who claim to be "liberals," such as Nancy Pelosi, don't want their clear conflicts of interest to interfere with their money-making.

This fall, a sweeping Wall Street Journal investigation found that at least 131 federal judges violated the law by hearing cases in which they had a financial interest in one of the parties. What's more, 61 judges actively traded shares in a party to an ongoing case.

These findings are a stunning indictment of the federal judicial ethics system. ...

Chief Justice of the United States John Roberts appears to disagree.

Justice Roberts Is Wrong: Federal Judges' Conflicts of Interest Threaten the Entire Judiciary

On Thursday, the US Supreme Court blocked Biden's Vaccine Mandate for large employers for being unconstitutional. I don't know all of the reasoning that the justices used to come to that decision, but I have always maintained that the mandate is unconstitutional. The pandemic's severity has never outweighed the alternative treatments and prophylactics available. The mandate did not adequately take into account the risks (short- and long-term) of the so-called vaccines that sterilized nothing and grossly failed to live up to the hype surrounding them.

Nailed it:

"Sinema and Manchin voted last month to abolish the filibuster for the debt ceiling—but won't vote to abolish the filibuster for voting rights," tweeted human rights attorney Qasim Rashid, who said that's because "raising the debt ceiling keeps them employed—but expanding voting rights makes them irrelevant."

Manchin Joins Sinema in Destroying Democratic Hopes to Pass Voting Rights

It's racism and classism combined. It's protectionism for blatant evil.

Citizens and Experts Call for a Halt to COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout in India: “The Truth of COVID-19 – The India Statement”

The Associated Press put out a hit piece on RFK Jr. in retaliation for the success of "The Real Anthony Fauci"

Covid is now killing HALF as many people per day as a bad flu year as experts say pandemic will be on the brink of becoming 'endemic' after Omicron wave subsides

If all landlords do their due-diligence, what can some people do but live on the streets? It's a good case for the government being the landlord of last resort.

Tenant Screening: Why Checking a Tenant’s Rental History Report Matters

In this crazy environment of shortages and ridiculous prices even without shortages, when consumers and businesses pay whatever because price resistance has totally collapsed in 2021, and because businesses are confident that they can pass on those higher prices that they’re paying, well, in this environment, lumber stands out as a shining example because the price of Chicago lumber futures had more than quadrupled in the 11 months between June 2020 and May 2021. Last May, I said, “these WTF price spikes cannot last.” And then the price collapsed 73% in three months – end of crazy-inflation story. Even the Fed cited this collapse as an example of why inflation would be transitory.

But wait… Lumber started spiking again almost as soon as it bounced off the bottom, nearly tripling in five months from the post-collapse August 2021.

Time to Revisit that Crazy Lumber Price Spike that Died and Came Back to Life