News & Commentary (often Radical & Censored) for Friday, May 13, 2022

The ad identifier is a string of letters and numbers that uniquely identifies your phone, tablet, or other smart device. It exists for one purpose: to help companies track you. 

How to Disable Ad ID Tracking on iOS and Android, and Why You Should Do It Now

What constitutes a "social media platform," and can any government under the US Constitution force any private entity to either censor or allow speech on such a platform? Can such government force a religious organization with an online commenting section to allow commentary that runs contrary to the objectives of the religious organization? Would doing so constitute a violation of freedom of religion in the Bill of Rights? On the other hand, are any social media platforms so large that they constitute "public squares" and should be nationalized as such to afford the People a place for constitutionally protected free speech? Is the US Constitution a living document designed to keep up with the times, or is it a dead letter stuck in the thoughts of the original "founders'" times and incapable of addressing modern technology?

I'm not sure I agree with the article, "In a Blow to Free Speech, Texas’ Social Media Law Allowed to Proceed Pending Appeal."

Researchers in Europe find that exercise habits in the year prior to exposure decrease severity of symptoms.

New Exercise Study Should Be Major 🦠 NEWS (Long-Term Symptoms Cut by 🏋🏽‍♂️)

Biden was not looking for "resolution." He demanded Ukraine fire the chief prosecutor, Viktor Shokin, who was closing in on convicting wrong-doers and who was confiscating assets wrongfully obtained. Biden got his way. The investigation never went anywhere after that. It was a whitewash. Corruption continued. The "Big Guy" never brought it up again. His kid was covered (for a while).

Hunter Biden Wasn't Involved In 'Anything Untoward': Biden's Disinfo Czar | Rising Quick Takes

EVERY SINGLE Dem Votes For $40M Ukraine Aid Package, 57 Republicans Vote No

I would not have sent a dime to Ukraine for war against the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics and Russia. I wouldn't have done all the things that lead the USA into this moronic situation. I would have seen to it that Russia was, and is, a tremendous ally of the USA because my USA would have come to Russia's aid after the fall of the Wall rather than sending in the vultures. Russia would be a NATO member or NATO would not exist. Those are only some of the changes I would have made.

Now, you might ask why I didn't run for office, etc. Well, my ideology was too marginalized to get even a start. Things later loosened up a bit. Bernie Sanders is actually in the Senate. But anyone with eyes can see how everything is closing in again and shrinking the "allowable" debate. We can all see the lies are magnified as possibly never before in human history.

I see young people fighting to have their voices heard, voices of sanity, but the powers of greed are the most voracious and will stop at literally nothing to devour everything in sight.

The only way to survive and win is to destroy the Beast!

... it is no longer acceptable in the MSM to mention the neo-Nazis in the Ukraine government and military, the eight years of Ukrainian terrorism against the Russian-speaking people of the Donbass resulting in 14 thousand deaths since 2014, the failure of the Ukrainians to implement the 2015 Minsk 2 agreement, the 32 years of NATO eastward expansion despite Russian protests and warnings, and now, bringing all this to a head, the continuing refusal of the US/NATO and Ukraine to commit themselves to excluding Ukraine from NATO.

This is the reason for the Russian invasion, and the key to ending the war, but even now, after almost three months of devastation, it is seldom even mentioned. What one hears in the Western media, instead, from both the left and the right, is how important it is to continue supplying Ukraine with ever-more sophisticated weapons so that they can defend themselves against the evil Russians who have attacked them for no good reason and must be stopped at any cost.

War Madness

How to avoid becoming a ransomware victim a second time may sound like something someone who hasn't been a victim doesn't need to read, but what you do in the first attack matters as to how likely you are to be hit again. So, read it.

On May 12, head of the LPR Leonid Pasechnik claimed: “After the end of hostilities, the LPR authorities, together with the people, will decide on becoming part of Russia. But first we need to liberate all the territories”.

That's confusing but typical. I thought they had already joined Russia; however, it's become quite common for Russia to have sent out mixed signals. Perhaps something was lost in translation.

Not ready for prime time!

Assisted driving systems installed in Tesla Inc., Hyundai Motor Co. and Subaru Corp. vehicles failed to avoid head-on collisions in testing done by AAA, though Tesla’s Autopilot system did slow the vehicle to a walking speed before striking an oncoming, foam model of a car.

Assisted Driving Systems Struggle With Collision Tests – Study

I agree with the judges legal opinion but find the article bias and inaccurate. Sen. Warren has a right to say what she said, and it's true she has no unilateral power in the matter. However, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is far from a propagandist, and Dr. Mercola does not have a "long history of selling unapproved health products." He's run up against he FDA a couple of times, but his arguments against the FDA are scientifically based and reasonable. If anything, the FDA is a front organization for what is aptly termed Big Pharma. Judge Won’t Make Sen. Warren Retract Letter About COVID Book

Informative: Ukraine war accelerating the new space race

The official policy, set by Dr. Fauci, is that the US government wants vaccines for respiratory viruses above all else, and no other prophylactic solutions are to be promoted.

So, with that background, why would anyone expect anything else other than an exclusive USG obsession with a vaccine solution for an infectious respiratory disease such as COVID-19, even if there are excellent, cheap alternatives already available?

The data for the use of Vitamin D3 is extremely strong; there are now even randomized clinical trials supporting its use for the treatment of COVID (6), as well as many retrospective clinical trials showing its efficacy.

Preventable Deaths and D3

Who's listening? Who's able to hear? Who's blocking this?

OCA and our allies believe that a global awakening and Grassroots Rising, based upon the principles and practices of regenerative food, farming, and land-use, has the awesome potential to inspire and provoke a multi-partisan, multinational, populist Movement—Democrat, Independent, and Republican; liberal, radical, conservative, and libertarian; rancher, farmer, and indigenous; urban and rural; consumer and farmer; North and South.

Once it reaches critical mass, a new united front will have the power to “make the polluters pay” and stimulate a massive transfer (divestment) of government and private capital away from degenerative practices (unhealthy, highly-processed food, factory farms, GMO seeds, chemical and energy-intensive agriculture, soil and environmental degradation, and rampant deforestation) to regenerative practices instead.

USA: A Cry for Regeneration

The most significant problem with the USA is, it's too capitalistic. Profit is a terrible universal yardstick. Capitalism is a hammer that sees everything as a nail. Hammers are not best in every case. Hammers in some cases are only destructive. Not everything needs destroying. Some things need building up. Why is this, something that little children can understand, lost on so many people in high places?

It’s Time To Challenge The Corporate University

What's your risk appetite? With High Inflation, Should You Consider Passive Real Estate Investing Over Stocks and Bonds?

Crypto is comedy, except people are being smashed.

Lindsay Owens, executive director of the Groundwork Collaborative, similarly argued in a New York Times op-ed last week that "plain old corporate profiteering" is a key culprit behind price hikes nationwide.

"Companies that historically might have kept prices low to pick up profit by gaining additional market share are instead using the cover of inflation to raise prices and increase profits," Owens wrote. "Consumers are now expecting higher prices at the checkout line, and companies are taking advantage. The poor and those on fixed incomes are hit the hardest."

New Warren Bill Would Empower Feds to Crack Down on Corporate Price Gouging