News & Commentary (often Radical & Censored) for Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Western imperialism toward Russia going back decades has now resulted in much of Europe reverting to coal burning for electricity generation. I'd rather they burn vastly cleaner Russian gas and the USA drop the imperial ambitions toward Russia.

As far as I know, under Vladimir Putin, Russia has always honored its deals. Russia offered to allow Ukrainian wheat to leave Ukraine unmolested for all parts of the globe, but Ukraine would have to remove the mines it planted off its grain-shipping port. Zelensky refused the deal. Western false-propagandists now spew the lie that Russia is blocking wheat shipments.

Coal, oil, and gas burning equals death. The sooner humanity gets its act together and bans it all, the sooner the killing for greed will stop.

Around the country, heat contributes to some 1,500 deaths annually, and advocates estimate about half of those people are homeless.

Temperatures are rising nearly everywhere because of global warming, combining with brutal drought in some places to create more intense, frequent and longer heat waves. The past few summers have been some of the hottest on record.

Just in the county that includes Phoenix, at least 130 homeless people were among the 339 individuals who died from heat-associated causes in 2021.

Sweltering streets: Hundreds of homeless die in extreme heat

Americans are moving to where it will be unbearably hot sooner and where the water will run out sooner too. Either we fix everything and very soon or people better start rethinking where they're planning to go. ‘The system is at a tipping point’: Feds say unprecedented cuts needed to balance Colorado River water budget, prop up Lake Powell

Please tell me you know Ukraine is NOT a democracy but that Zelensky is a fascist dictator. Ukraine’s top opposition party banned.

2nd Civil War, or this time, we let them go? Texas GOP Convention Pushes for Referendum on State’s Secession in 2023

... the main stated objective of the entire military operation is the total liberation of Donbass.

I disagree. The main objective is to denazify and demilitarize Ukraine.

It's appearing more likely that Russia will not throw more manpower into Ukraine but rather simply continue the grinding process at the current level until the mission has been completed.

It's pretty difficult to second-guess them. One can certainly understand Russia not wanting to overextend in Ukraine, as Syria and other locations could require ramping up. In addition, Russia would like to avoid the draft. However, it takes time to train conscripts and to manufacture everything a large force needs.

China wants to deter the USA or beat it in a war.

By 2050, China aims to become a global naval power, with a navy operating on a par with that of US. So far, the pace of China’s naval shipbuilding efforts has kept up pace with that timeline.

The country now has the world’s largest navy in terms of numbers, but the US still maintains its lead in terms of tonnage.

China launches its first supercarrier

By their own count, the Ukrainians have lost up to 50% of their weapons and equipment to date. NATO countries over time can replace that.

What cannot be replaced is lost manpower. (

Which means, Ukraine has already lost the fight.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) failed to follow established guidelines for determining cancer risk, ignored important studies, and discounted expert advice from a scientific advisory panel in officially declaring that the weed killer glyphosate was “not likely to be carcinogenic,” a federal court said in an order issued Friday.

9th Circuit smacks EPA down on glyphosate

We've known about this, but the government has done nothing. Dr. Clare Craig Exposes How Pfizer Twisted Their Clinical Trial Data for Young Children. The government has only done what makes Pfizer more money no matter the damage Pfizer does.

The facts about the assassination of Robert F Kennedy have been covered up ever since it happened.

Krystal DESTROYS Inflation Talking Points On Bill Maher