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Diaz’s lawyers in their statement on Tuesday said Orrick’s decision highlighted systemic bias that federal judges have against juries, which in turn violates the constitutional rights plaintiffs have to a trial by jury.

Tesla Worker Rejects $15M Payout in Race Bias Lawsuit

What if the jury had award billions?

Meta Settles Lawsuit over Discrimination in Housing Advertising Tool

It is becoming increasingly difficult for Israel and the agencies that promote Zionism around the world to portray Zionism in rosy colors. This is primarily because there is a history of close to 100 years of Zionism; and the actions of the Zionist State, Israel, have a history of seven and a half decades of violence and racism. To add to that, in February, Amnesty International came out with a damning report demonstrating in no uncertain terms that Israel is engaged in the crime of apartheid and has been since the day it was established.

The Paradoxical Seeds of The Holocaust: Oppression and Death Live On in the Apartheid State

With the loss of Severodonetsk, Lysychansk now seems to be falling more quickly than had been expected.

The war of attrition, in both materiel and manpower terms, that the Russians have chosen to adopt favors them over Ukrainian forces. Unless the Ukrainians can regain some mobility, they will be ground down – much in line with the announced Russian war aim of destroying Ukrainian military assets and capabilities.

That’s the reality. But as a US military intelligence observer notes, “in the meantime, there remains the cognitive dissonance from the [Western] reporting: The Russians are suffering from poor leadership, bad morale and poor weapons and the Ukrainians have superior weapons, superior leadership, off-the-scale morale and the home-field advantage. Yet the Russians are, at least for now, winning.”

Ukraine – the situation (June 22, 2022)

US Price inflation:

The interruption of China-centered supply chains clearly played a significant role, as did Russia's invasion of Ukraine. But neither factor explains Western capitalism's abrupt "regime change" from prevailing deflation to its opposite: all prices taking off simultaneously. This would require wage inflation to overtake price inflation, thus causing a self-perpetuating spiral, with wage rises feeding back into further price hikes which, in turn, cause wages to rise again, ad infinitum. Only then would it be reasonable for central bankers to demand that workers "take one for the team" and refrain from seeking higher wage settlements.

But, today, demanding that workers forgo wage gains are absurd. All the evidence suggests that, unlike in the 1970s, wages are rising much more slowly than prices, and yet the increase in prices is not just continuing but accelerating.

So, what is really going on?

Who Is to Blame for Inflation? The Power Brokers of Capitalism

Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis 22.06.2022

Russian SWIFT replacement ready for BRICS – Putin

At food and beverage stores, supply is nearly back to pre-pandemic levels, at 0.78 months, which is a good thing:

At building materials and garden supply retailers, supply is now back at the upper end of the pre-pandemic normal range, at 1.87 months, same as in April and May 2019:

Here’s Where the Inventory Shortages Are, and Where Retailers Are Overstocked, by Retailer Category
News (Radical, Censored) Thursday, June 23, 2022