News & Commentary (often Radical & Censored) for Friday, June 24, 2022

... Forest Service personnel failed to grasp the impacts of persistent drought, a lack of winter precipitation, a below-average snowpack and accumulation of fire fuels – all things scientists say are exacerbated by climate change.

"Training and education efforts are often outdated and do not incorporate the latest tools or the latest fire science ....

Lack Of Weather, Climate Knowledge Fueled New Mexico's Largest Wildfire, Forest Service Says

The appellate panel said that under Georgia law, attorneys have authority to enter into agreements on behalf of their clients and those agreements are enforceable. If an attorney disagrees with the terms, “the client’s redress is against the attorney.”

Georgia Plaintiff Who Fired Attorney Still Bound by Settlement Agreement

Unless the attorney-client contract authorized otherwise, how many people would automatically think that the attorney was legally obligated to say that the attorney would submit the settlement terms to the client for acceptance or rejection and could not simply agree to the amount without the client's consent? The ruling may be right, but the Georgia law is horrible.

The current fighting in Ukraine is the direct result of CIA-orchestrated coups, regime-change wars, NATO expansion against promises not to, and neocon policies and practices to turn nations into enemies for the sake of the USA's military-industrial complex. Higher energy and food costs are also the direct result of all of that.

However, prices were already high before Russia went into Ukraine. We had a COVID recession followed by much needed stimulus spending but without concurrent ramping up of domestic manufacturing. Then, we have had corporate profit-taking via price gouging.

In short, we're in a mess the blame for which lies at the feet of US policy makers. The only way to fix it all is to replace all of the bad-policy makers with people who knew better. They exist.

Not the least bit surprised: Biden's SHOTS FOR TOTS Rollout FAILS As Parents Don't Show To Sites

Is it really this high?

Only 23% of Germans believe that a military victory is possible against Russia.

Russia chokes gas flow, Germans fear ‘Lehman Moment’

This is true. US and NATO lack capability to supply a long war. However, it doesn't mean we should scramble to be able to do so. We should talk with the other powers and convince them that we all should demilitarize and rather spend all of our efforts on improving everything else.

Let's be clear, a boycott is speaking directly to those being boycotted. The 8th Circuit Court of Appeals appears to think that US sanctions against Russia isn't an attempt by the US to tell Russia to cave into US demands. Well, people or companies or other entities boycotting Israel over Palestinian rights is telling Israel to stop violating Palestinian human rights. If the US Supreme Court comes down on the side of the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals stating that Arkansas has the constitutional right to force state contractors to choose between not boycotting Israel or charging the state less, then that court should be nullified by the American People.

The way to do that, that most people readily understand is via the vote. However, candidates say one thing to get elected and do another thing once in office. That's the problem with "liberal" democracy. To fix that, we need a delegatory system to replace the current representative system.

Here's the deal. The Supreme Court is, and always has been, a political institution. Enlarging that court won't fix it.

Most African Countries Support Russia

Highly recommended:

... no NGO is alarmed, the Council of Europe is silent, the International Criminal Court is not investigating, and press freedom organisations are silent. They have not listened well to what the kindly Volodymyr told them during a visit to Butcha at the beginning of April: “If we do not find a civilised way out, you know our people, they will find an uncivilised way out.”

Dr. Volodymyr & Mr. Zelensky: The Dark Side Of The Ukrainian President

To say nothing of all the lies and false-flags by Ukraine ...

The US Military is eating our lunch and turning the USA into a has-been. The Musket and the Noodle Stall: A Strategic Comparison