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Ukraine says it has video of a Russian X-22 cruise missile in the air headed for the shopping center and then the explosion that resulted. The video, they say, was taken from the plant near the center, the plant the Russians say the Russians hit, as the Russian say it was full of munitions.

I'm reporting this in the interested of balance in terms of hearing both sides of the story.

It is always possible that a missile can hit off-target. I still doubt Russia has ever deliberately hit anything with the intention of simply killing noncombatants. A rogue member of the Russian military could do such a thing, but that would not mean the military itself or the civilian government ordered or authorized it.

It will be interesting to see how the Russians react to the Ukraine video. Here's the video. The missile shows up right after the 1:02 time mark.

Here's an article on the subject. Evidence contradicts Russian claims about Kremenchuk mall attack. It could be accurate. That would make it a first concerning Ukraine allegations against Russia. A single event does not make a pattern.

The video will be highly analyzed for signs of a fake. The photos of the shopping center damage will also be thusly analyzed.

If the Russians know they did it, I would recommend they openly admit the mistake, etc. If they did not do it, they'll need to come up with evidence that Ukraine has provided fake info. It will need to be compelling and beyond reproach.

As for Zelensky, until Ukraine stops hitting civilians in the Donbass Republics, he should shut his mouth.

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