News & Commentary (often Radical & Censored) for Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Not one thing the collective Western-oriented "liberal, representative democracies" have done and are currently openly planning concerning Russia will work. Ukraine's CIA-orchestrated, fascist coup in 2014 and its subsequent war on the eastern Donbass were doomed from inception to face Russian victory in Ukraine.

None of it was, or is, Russia's fault. None of it should have happened. None of the things the US neocons did should have been done. Everything they did was wrong and bad for the USA and all of its allies.

Russia could have, and should have, been the best ally and friend of the US. It would have been easy and great for the whole world. Imagine what could have been achieved if both countries had been working collaboratively together to solve the problems facing humanity.

Russia's Special Military Operation in Ukraine was a choice between losing sovereignty to the USA and not. Also, revanchism is not always wrong. The Nazi Empire was huge at its largest but all taken back by revanchists, as it were. With that, read this: Ukraine’s moral waters get muddier and bloodier.

I agree completely with the precautionary principle, and I'm glad to see that the EU applies it. However, I'm opposed to regulations of nutritional supplements when those regulations are designed to benefit the pharmaceuticals industry rather than being base solely on health and applied equally and fairly AGAINST the pharmaceuticals industry. Food additive or carcinogen? The growing list of chemicals banned by EU but used in US.

States Rights, yes, however, not where they step on the proper interpretation of the Bill of Rights and other aspects of the US Constitution applying to state laws. With that, read this: To Avoid Civil War, Learn to Tolerate Different Laws in Different States.

Libertarian capitalism unbridled: Leverage & Interconnectedness Blow Up Crypto & DeFi

It's beyond time for Zelensky's fascist puppet-masters in Kiev to surrender unconditionally to save lives.