News & Commentary (often Radical & Censored) for Tuesday, August 2, 2022

New Report Finds 50 Percent Of Older Americans Cant Afford The Essentials

Personally, the only way I'd ever be for the "One-China Policy" is if the "mainland" were to go full-on democratic. White House says ‘we do not support Taiwan independence’ amid reports of Pelosi visit. So, does the White House oppose Taiwan independence?

When something becomes a major issue and I'm not satisfied with my level of knowledge on the subject, I try to find the time to dive in. It's a lesson I learned the hard way. Rather than keeping up with the times and not even realizing I wasn't up to speed, I found myself easily dismissing refutations of my positions only to later find out my positions had been in error.

I'm not saying that was common for me, but it happened.

Therefore, concerning the current political climate on transgenderism, I've paid deliberate attention to voices I would likely have dismissed in my earlier life.

The next few links are some of the things I've sought out and found to share with you.

In our recent analysis of the Youth Risk Behavior Survey, a representative health survey of high school-age Americans at the school district, state and national levels, we found that about 1.4% of youths ages 13 to 17 identify as transgender in the U.S. That proportion amounts to approximately 300,000 transgender young people.

The results update those from our 2017 study, which, at the time, suggested that 0.7% of teens ages 13 to 17 openly identified as transgender.

While some people might assume that this means the number of trans teens has doubled in just five years, our results shouldn’t be read that way. There are a few possible reasons for the larger estimate this time around.

A window into the number of trans teens living in America

What most "conservatives" don't know:

Children who are taking hormone blockers can decide to stop doing so at any time. They will then go through puberty consistent with their assigned sex at birth.

Two classes of trans kids are emerging – those who have access to puberty blockers, and those who don’t

A 5-year study by the American Academy of Pediatrics of more than 300 transgender youth recently found that after initial social transition, which can include changing your pronouns, name, and how you might dress or present yourself, 94% continued to identify as transgender while only 2.5% identified as their sex assigned at birth.

Youth transgender study shows persistence in identity after social transition

After facial feminization surgery, transgender people report better psychosocial health.

Sexual Satisfaction After Gender Affirmation Surgery in Transgender Individuals.

Transgender solon Roman is new women and gender equality panel chairperson.

In my state (Washington), it's illegal to discriminate against trans people.

Insurance fraud is a bad idea. Man gets 68 months, ordered to pay $567K in restitution for arson at The Refuge.

Any sane person would read all this and tell you that job numbers and GDP — which tells us only about the total wealth of a country in a system where those at the very top are taking massive shares of it for themselves — don’t give you a very full picture of this economy. But we’re back in familiar territory. For years, Barack Obama pointed to growth and job numbers while Americans’ incomes fell and they dropped out of the labor market. Then it was Donald Trump’s turn to boast about macro numbers that disguised how unevenly the spoils were shared. And now, it’s Joe Biden’s.

Recession or No Recession, This Economy Sucks

Although he campaigned on a pledge to deliver single-payer healthcare, Newsom has disappointed activists by backing away from his promise and taking hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from the private health insurance industry.

In January, A.B. 1400, a bill that would have implemented a single-payer healthcare system in California, was withdrawn from consideration in the state Assembly in an eleventh-hour move that shocked and outraged progressives who had fought for the measure.

While Newsom has expressed concerns over the cost of universal care, the governor's Healthy California for All Commission reported in April that such a system would save 4,000 lives annually and $500 billion over the next decade. Meanwhile, the commission found that healthcare costs are projected to rise 30% over the next 10 years under the current system.

Health Cost Calculator Shows Most Californians Would Save Big With Medicare for All

Our political system is intentionally structured to allow the government to be unrepresentative and unaccountable. The only long-term solution is to transform our system of government to be truly accountable and democratic by creating a new constitution.

A document written by eighteenth-century colonizers and enslavers, some of whom were more concerned about preserving the power of what James Madison called an ​“opulent minority” than about government being accountable to the majority of the governed, has clearly outlived any use it ever had.


None of this is easy. But all of it is essential if we’re to have a serious shot at defeating rising fascism, addressing the climate emergency, reversing the evolution of the U.S. into a corrupt oligarchic state, and creating a truly democratic system of government.

We Need a New Constitution

Theft, plain and simple: Venezuelan Gold Reserves: Caracas Protests ‘Astonishing’ Ruling in Favor of US-backed Guaidó.

Rising Interest Rates Challenge Investors — Here’s What Expert Lenders Suggest You Do

If they didn't have a warrant, they had zero right to do any of this.

Omari was then told that they apparently had a search warrant related to the indictment of a Russian national and somehow his name and his wife’s name were linked to this person. But FBI agents would not show him a search warrant.

FBI Targets Black Liberation Activists, Claims Russia Used Them As Pawns To Spread Propaganda

The USA is so bad towards so many countries that those countries see China as better than the USA. They'd rather deal with China's one-party, totalitarian, anti-democratic dictatorship than with the USA. Nicaragua… “Still, it moves…” | Tortilla con Sal.