News & Commentary (often Radical & Censored) for Saturday, August 6, 2022

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The indictment of the cops that killed Taylor is unique in that it offers the public a peek into typically opaque law enforcement decisions. As the DOJ noted, the “Place-Based Investigations Unit falsified the affidavit used to obtain the search warrant of Ms. Taylor’s home.” To put it another way, the police had no real reason to be at Taylor’s house. They were not acting in the interest of public safety when they broke into her home in the middle of the night without knocking and shot her to death. Instead, the officers who authorized the warrant “knew that the affidavit contained false and misleading statements, omitted material facts, relied on stale information, and was not supported by probable cause.” It was the cops, we now know, not Taylor or her boyfriend, who broke the law and need to be brought to justice.

The Most Important Revelation About the Cops Involved in Killing Breonna Taylor

I am NOT anti-cops. I am against bad cops! I am not for having no policing. I am not for not funding police. I am for funding everything that goes into a society wherein the people don't want to, or don't feel a need to, commit real crimes against one another. The police should be the last resort. They should be extremely well-educated, well-trained, well-paid, and held fully accountable at all times for any failures.

On the labor front, the July numbers were up. However, July hiring is the result of earlier mindsets. A great deal of important news came in July, news that caused a number of companies to announce hiring slowdowns and even mass layoffs. Workers are aware of much of the negative news, and many probably did their best to get, and remain, in the workforce and employed. Wages were up, which also came as a result of earlier mindsets.

The Fed's actions will take time to really sink in. Wages are still extremely low in longer historical terms. The middle class remains very hollowed out. Entry-level wages still remain way too close to the poverty line. Price inflation is still largely due to factors other than wage increases.

Price gouging, a terrible national industrial policy, obscene increases in incomes at the very top, wrong-headed sanctions, and more all contribute to price inflation.

Most of this doesn't matter to the Fed, which works for the bankers, or might I say banksters. That means the economy is in for a deeper recession than otherwise.

At CPAC, Orbán tried to preempt criticism, claiming "a Christian politician cannot be racist" and that those who consider him a racist or anti-Semite are "simply idiots."

Hungarian leader Viktor Orbán declares at CPAC that "a Christian politician cannot be racist" - CBS News

Well, that's true. However, he was an idiot for wording things the way he did concerning "mixed race." He later revised it to mixed-culture. He is very ignorant concerning gender dysphoria and other "identity" issues. So far, he clearly lacks the compassion and understanding of Jesus, of whom he claims to be a follower.

Roughly 94% of Democrats under 30 don't want him [Biden] to be the nominee next time.

Dems dodge on Biden '24

Higher housing costs force more pet owners to surrender their dogs.