News & Commentary (often Radical & Censored) for Saturday, August 13, 2022

Sea level rise increases the rate of coastal flooding from high tides, also known as "nuisance flooding" or "sunny day flooding." This occurs on days without storms, heavy rainfall or other major weather factors.

Scientists say sea level rise is fueled by ocean warming and higher atmospheric temperatures that cause ocean water to expand and glaciers and ice sheets to melt. Global warming caused by greenhouse gas emissions drives higher temperatures.

High Tide Flooding Continues To Rise, According To New NOAA Outlook | The Weather Channel

Judge Rules For Green Party Against Dem RIGGING | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

So, Trump had top-secret documents at his club he says he declassified. Apparently, the question is whether he had documents he wasn't legally able to declassify and possess. Could he legally declassify nuclear-weapons documents?

“Information about the design of nuclear weapons is called Restricted Data and is ‘born classified’. That means it is assumed to be classified unless declassified,” Rofer, who writes a blog titled Nuclear Diner, wrote on Twitter.

FBI searched Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home for classified nuclear weapons documents – report | Donald Trump | The Guardian

Erring on the side of caution has not been Trump's forte. However, they have to prove him guilty of a real crime. If they fail, they'll strengthen his hand.

This probably explains a huge part of why jobs weren't filled. Job unhappiness is at a staggering all-time high, according to Gallup.

Just because our experience isn’t widely understood, does not mean we don’t deserve respect and access to life-saving healthcare.

Subject:Florida Eliminates Medicaid Coverage for Gender-Affirming Care

The "free market" causes homelessness. What's happening doesn't even qualify as a public-private partnership.

"Landlords charge rents, not based on the quality or condition of the home, but on whatever the market will allow," wrote the groups in their letter to Biden earlier this week. "In the absence of federal rent regulation, this is a story of unchecked corporate greed."

Voters Demand Biden Take Action to Address 'National Crisis' of Rising Housing Costs

Some parts of the Arctic, including the Barents Sea, are warming seven times faster than the global average.

Arctic Warming Nearly Four Times Faster Than Earth as a Whole, Study Finds

The online version of the Cambridge Dictionary defines terrorism as "(threats of) violent action for political purposes". And indeed, this has pretty much been the name of Israel's game since it violently founded itself on Palestinian land in 1948—an action that entailed massacring more than 10,000 Palestinians, expelling three-quarters of a million more, and destroying some 500 Palestinian villages.

Israel: normalising terror, one dawn at a time