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Does old blood induce senescence?

A Must-Watch for those who live under neocon rocks:

At Least 17 Children Now Found Dead After Israeli Attacks On Gaza: Katie Halper

France is suffering its worst drought on record with some villages in the south left without safe drinking water and dependent on deliveries by truck, and farmers warning of a looming milk shortage in the winter.

Production of French salers cheese halted due to drought

I'm trying to learn more about transgenderism.

Here's an article from February I found helpful and still "timely." Some legislation mentioned has already changed. Transgender kids, gender dysphoria and puberty blockers: Your questions, answered - The Washington Post.

AAP and Endocrine Society guidelines call for developmentally appropriate care, and that means no puberty blockers or hormones until young people are already undergoing puberty for their sex assigned at birth. For one thing, “there are no hormonal differences among prepubertal children,” says Joshua Safer, executive director of the Mount Sinai Center for Transgender Medicine and Surgery in New York City and co-author of the Endocrine Society’s guidelines. Those guidelines provide the option of gonadotropin-releasing hormone analogues (GnRHas), which block the release of sex hormones, once young people are already into the second of five puberty stages—marked by breast budding and pubic hair. These are offered only if a teen is not ready to make decisions about puberty. Access to gender-affirming hormones and potential access to gender-affirming surgery is available at age 16—and then, in the case of transmasculine youth, only mastectomy, also known as top surgery. The Endocrine Society does not recommend genital surgery for minors.


Hormone blocker treatment may have side effects. A 2015 longitudinal observational cohort study of 34 transgender young people found that, by the time the participants were 22 years old, trans women experienced a decrease in bone mineral density. A 2020 study of puberty suppression in gender-diverse and transgender young people found that those who started puberty blockers in early puberty had lower bone mineral density before the start of treatment than the public at large. This suggests, the authors wrote, that GnRHa use may not be the cause of low bone mineral density for these young people. Instead they found that lack of exercise was a primary factor in low bone-mineral density, especially among transgender girls.

What the Science on Gender-Affirming Care for Transgender Kids Really Shows - Scientific American

If the vast, vast majority of those youth who transition never wish to de-transition and if the majority of those who do transition do so due to pressures and not because they really want to live a cisgender life, then we are stuck with a utilitarian choice wherein on balance, gender-affirming care is the pragmatic and more humane approach. That does not mean that things need to be rushed. The articles above make fairly clear that rushing is not the recommended approach by those who lead in gender-affirming care.

What Are Puberty Blockers and What Do They Do? – Cleveland Clinic

DeSantis said, "They are literally chopping off the private parts of young kids."

DeSantis' office provided two examples of teenagers who received transition-related surgeries. The Florida Department of Health would define both cases as involving adolescents, and experts say the procedures are rare for minors and aren't typically recommended. There are no examples we could find, or the governor's office provided, of transition-related surgeries for people under the age of 14.

Medical transitioning is not recommended for prepubescent children, as DeSantis suggested.

Transition-related surgery limited to teens, not 'young kids.' Even then, it's rare