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The $9BN Megaproject Reshaping Malaysia

America achieved its greatest-ever infrastructure campaign in the midst of the Great Depression. We can do that again today, and we can do it with the same machinery: off-budget financing through a government-owned national financial institution.

How to Green Our Parched Farmlands and Finance Critical Infrastructure  | WEB OF DEBT BLOG


“This exclusion is discrimination, plain and simple, and is not permitted under the Constitution,” Carl Charles, senior attorney at Lambda Legal, said on a conference call Wednesday. It is “without justification” and is based on “inaccurate data” and “doctors who have never once treated a transgender person masquerading as experts.”

The Florida rule denies coverage on the basis that these treatments for gender dysphoria are “experimental and investigational,” as the AHCA put it in a report released in June. But that is not so, the lawsuit states.

“Empirical evidence and decades of clinical experience demonstrate that medical care for the treatment of gender dysphoria, also known as gender-affirming care, is medically necessary, safe, and effective for both transgender adolescents and adults with gender dysphoria,” the suit reads. “Gender-affirming care is neither experimental nor investigational; it is the prevailing standard of care, accepted and supported by every major medical organization in the United States.”

A memo supporting the exclusion “relies on pseudo-science, particularly purported expert ‘assessments’ that are biased and full of errors,” the suit continues. “The ‘assessments’ are written by authors whose testimony has been disqualified in court and who have known ties to anti-LGBTQ advocacy groups. [Its] unfounded claims come from unqualified sources, which include a blog entry, letters to the editor, and opinion pieces.”

Subject:Suit Challenges Florida Medicaid's Exclusion of Gender-Affirming Care

Subject:What Market Always Adds Lots of Supply, Yet Maintains Core-Worthy Stability & Outperformance?

Where's the boycott-Starbucks movement? If all of the pro-union customers of Starbucks simply stopped going to Starbucks and made it clear that they won't return until all of the anti-union tactics by Starbucks ends, Starbucks would either cave or have to survive on anti-union customers only. AOC, Gillibrand Denounce Starbucks for 'Firing Union Leaders All Over the Country'.

This net could easily be cast too far. The burden of proof is on the government to show that everyone the target of this approach had the intention of insurrection or rebellion against the Constitution of the United States and acted in accordance with that intention. It's Time to Enforce the Constitution & Ban Seditious Republicans from Congress.

I do my best to avoid GMOs. Do you?

“Companies call these things ‘synthetic biology’ and ‘fermentation technology,’ but these foods are all just GMOs,” said Michael Hansen, PhD, Senior Staff Scientist at Consumer Reports. “They are using terms people do not understand, so that people will not realize these are GMO ingredients.”

Moreover, the problems with synthetic biology are the same ones that we have had with traditional GMOs.

“These are often highly processed foods, which are associated with increased calorie intake and weight gain, according to a study from the National Institute of Health. And while these companies may be perceived as tech start-ups, the products they produce are designed to fit into an industrial food system, and society is clearly moving against this trend and toward a more agroecological-based food system. Additionally, they are introducing novel, genetically-engineered proteins into the food supply that will have unknown potential impacts on the human microbiome and the environment, and these companies are self-affirming GRAS status with the FDA, a voluntary process that is incredibly problematic and falls very, very short of protecting the consumer,” said Michael Hansen.

The Playbook for GMO 2.0 is Going Exactly to Plan, Brands Step in to Combat it

New peer-reviewed study finds ivermectin reduces covid deaths by 92% - TheBlaze.