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The 45L Tax Credit is an essential incentive to influence developers towards creating more energy-efficient housing options. Ultimately, it creates benefits for our environment, developers and residents.

45L Tax Credit: Energy-Efficient Credit for Multifamily Developers - Multifamily Blogs

It is known that from Jan 7th to early Feb 1979, the No. 2 in the NATO chain of command, General Robert Huyser, was in Iran and was in frequent contact with Brzezinski during this period. It is thought that Huyser’s job was to avoid any coup attempts to disrupt the take-over by Khomeini’s revolutionary forces by largely misleading the Iranian generals with false intel and U.S. promises. Recently declassified documents on Huyser’s visit to Iran confirm these suspicions.

Subject:The Sword of Damocles over Western Europe

BLUEFIELD, W.Va. – A McDowell County man was sentenced to prison and two other men pleaded guilty today in connection with an arson fraud scheme.

McDowell County Man Sentenced to Prison for Role in Mercer County Arson | USAO-SDWV | Department of Justice

China is developing an anti-ship missile that turns into a torpedo during its terminal phase, combining flight and underwater capabilities in one weapon to increase the probability of a successful strike.

China unveils supersonic missile-torpedo anti-ship weapon - Asia Times

He's right.

I’d warned a year earlier that “US rent hikes will explode consumer inflation in 2022.” After all, today’s rent inflation shows up in tomorrow’s Consumer Price Index as leases expire. The August 2022 jump in rent inflation is just the beginning.

By raising interest rates, the Fed is making inflation worse. Housing is in short supply, and higher interest rates make it harder to build new rental units. This is NOT a credit-driven inflation but a supply-side shortage.

Inflation shock hits as shelter prices boost CPI

"Now is a critical moment for Congress to act and introduce federal anti-SLAPP legislation," she asserted. "Thirty-two states and the District of Columbia have enacted commonsense anti-SLAPP legislation, and all were introduced in a bipartisan or nonpartisan fashion."

House Dems Target Big Oil for 'Weaponizing' Law Against Protesters to Block Climate Action

Before or after they break the back of labor? I say after unless the pitchforks come out sooner.

Despite the broad market expectation for further 75 basis point hikes, Prins – a global economist and outspoken advocate for economic reform – said the Fed would likely pivot away from its hawkish trajectory in three stages as the disconnect between wealthy investors and institutions and the "real economy" widens.

The Fed is going to pivot in 3 stages, author Nomi Prins says