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Xi gave a speech at the SCO Samarkand summit in which he emphasized cooperation and anti-bullying, etc. All I could think about was how hypocritical he is when his covetousness of the South China Sea is taken into consideration. I don't wish the Chinese People ill, but honestly.

Where are the self-styled progressive "Friends of Communist China" concerning this utter hypocrisy?

Anti-USA imperialism does not excuse the imperialism of anyone.

Starbucks could definitely be "prosecuted" for this under current law. Biden could make that happen if he wanted to.

In reviewing cases, the Circuit Courts evaluate the factual and legal basis for the Board’s Order and decide, after briefing or oral argument, whether to enter a judicial decree commanding obedience to the Order. The Court may also enter an Order on the grounds that the responding party failed to oppose or had no legal basis to oppose the Board’s action.

In recent years, Circuit Courts have decided about 65 cases a year involving the NLRB. The majority - nearly 80% - have been decided in the Board’s favor.

Securing monetary remedies and Protecting assets:

Board attorneys conduct civil and criminal contempt litigation in the U.S. Courts of Appeals to secure monetary remedies such as back pay and to obtain protective orders to ensure that assets will not be dissipated in an effort to avoid obligations.

Charts and data on remedies are available here.

Final Review by U.S. Supreme Court:

Any Circuit Court decision can be subject to final review by the U.S. Supreme Court, if the parties or the Board seek it. Before presenting a petition asking the high court to consider a case, or grant certiorari, the Board must first receive permission from the U.S. Solicitor General.

Enforce Orders | National Labor Relations Board

UNION BUSTING: Starbucks FIRES Top Organizer | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Concerning DeSantis, Abbott, and Ducey, I've never written that their actions transporting immigrants have been illegal. That's because I never thought they were. No, DeSantis is not a human trafficker or kidnapper. That doesn't mean I agree with what they're doing. I don't. It's no way to treat people who are innocent until proven guilty, and sometimes, not even then.

Wildcat strikes are the way around union "leadership" to democracy. They aren't necessarily illegal. However, we need to get rid of at least parts of the Taft–Hartley Act.

British journalists have admitted that the scene looks like a staging. According to the journalists from The Daily Telegraph who were working on the spot confirmed that there were no evidence of repressions against civilians in the town. Local residents confirmed to the British journalists that Russian soldiers did not torture civilians.

Subject:Izyum Massacre Explained

Quote of the day:

"Today, the U.S. continues to spend hundreds of billions of dollars on its military industrial complex and leaves the ever-growing poverty, suicide and drug abuse unaddressed while it loudly blares its woke priorities as to how to speak in such a way that no person could possibly be emotionally offended and in the process render anything you have to say entirely irrelevant." ~ Cynthia Chung

I believe them.

Moscow reserves the right to use atomic weapons only “in response to the use of nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction against Russia or its allies,” as well as “in response to a conventional attack that threatens the very existence” of Russia as a sovereign state.

The latest update to the doctrine, made in 2020, clarified two more scenarios for the possible use of nuclear arms: receiving “credible information about the launch of ballistic missiles” targeting the territory of Russia or its allies, or an attack “on critical infrastructure that controls nuclear weapons,” potentially rendering the deterrent inoperable.

Kremlin responds to Western nuclear claims — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union

Sq__w is a word that one ought not use anymore. The U.S. Department of the Interior has renamed the places under its jurisdiction where the term was part of the name. Here's the list.

I'm not sure if the term will be censored (blocked out or blipped) from writings and video, etc., created before the term became widely understood to be derogatory. I grew up hearing and seeing the term but never knew it was derogatory in origin. I thought it was a term Indians used concerning Indian women and that non-Indians simply adopted the term. Well, now I know better.

The IMF is completely stupid, and every progressive person in the know in the world knows it. The IMF tells Bolivia to ruin Bolivia's economy.