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Pentagon CAUGHT Running MASSIVE Psyop Bot Farm | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Reasonable speculation: Russia Preparing For Mobilization.

Referenda (DPR, LPR, Zaporozhye, Kherson) will change everything.

Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis 20.09.2022

DPR, LPR, Kherson And Zaporozhie Regions To Hold Referendum On Joining Russia.

The images are not for the faint of heart. His wife identified his remains. Secret Of Bones With Ukrainian Flag Found In Izyum Revealed (18+). Ukrainian false propaganda is endless. They're pathetic at it.

...rather than meet Abbott’s vicious stunt with adequate resources and prioritizing strategies focused on moving people into housing to help open capacity, Adams has responded to the influx by targeting a key right for the homeless. ... Up to this point, only the political right has bluntly called for ending the right to shelter entirely....

Eric Adams Can’t Be Allowed to Scrap New York’s Right to Shelter

Good decision: Viewpoint: Colorado Appeals Court Finds Policy Appraisal Clause Allows Causation Determinations.

Of course:

"We need a windfall tax that applies to all companies profiteering from the crisis."

World-Renowned Economists Call for 'Emergency' Corporate Profit Taxes to Avert Global Recession

However, the bankers run the world. They have duped and controlled the greedy politicians (who don't study economic history and wouldn't care anyway).

Yesterday, I posted why I hadn't ever said that what the conservative governors have been doing by sending immigrants elsewhere was illegal. Now it has become clear that some fraudulent activity has taken place. As to exactly who knew what and when, we'll have to wait for it to come out.

The brochures "are either evidence of criminal intent or criminal stupidity," Cameron added.

Launching Criminal Probe, Texas Sheriff Says Migrants Were 'Preyed Upon' With DeSantis Flights

Fenske also reportedly claimed that "the brochure was legitimate and that the information provided was accurate." That is false. It was a fake brochure that doesn't even feature the real Massachusetts flag. And the benefits listed are not available to the migrants who were given the brochures.

UPDATE: DeSantis defends phony brochure; sheriff launches criminal investigation

The fiscal ideology of the Republican Party is Scrooge before his revelation. Did you like that Scrooge? Would you have voted for him to "serve" in the US legislature or as the President? Nobody Should Be Shocked by GOP Cruelty—It's Their Whole Brand.

In the summer of 1975, Cheney, as President Ford’s White House staffer, participated in the cover-up of the 1953 murder of CIA bioweapons scientist Frank Olson, by framing it as an MK-Ultra mishap.


It's unconstitutional, and the US Supreme Court knows it.

The argument that is often deployed to dismiss concerns regarding online censorship is the claim that the dominant social media companies are private, not public, entities. However, in reality, the Big Tech firms that dominate our online lives, particularly Google and Facebook, were either created with some involvement of the U.S. national security state or have become major U.S. government and/or military contractors over the past two decades.(i,ii,iii,iv,v) When it comes to censoring and deplatforming individuals for claims that run counter to U.S. government narratives, it should be clear that Google-owned YouTube, and other tech platforms owned by contractors to the U.S. military and intelligence communities, have a major conflict of interest in their stifling of speech.

The line between “private” Silicon Valley and the public sector has become increasingly blurred and it is now a matter of record that these companies have illegally passed information onto intelligence services, like the National Security Agency (NSA), for blatantly unconstitutional surveillance programs aimed at American civilians.(vi) All indications point to the military-industrial complex having expanded into the military-technology-industrial complex.


Primer is only one of several companies seeking to create a world where “truth” is defined by the U.S. national security state, with that rigid definition then being enforced by Big Tech companies with no room for debate.


...the Biden administration’s definition of “domestic terrorist” used in these same documents is incredibly broad. For example, it labels opposition to corporate globalization, capitalism and government overreach as “terrorist” ideologies. This means that online content discussing “anti-government” and/or “anti-authority” ideas, which may simply be criticisms of government policy or the national power structure, could soon be treated in the same way as online Al Qaeda or ISIS propaganda.

The War On Dissent

I remember when PBS wasn't insane. I remember when it went insane: corporatism.

...the British and US state-affiliated media outlets BBC and PBS had co-released a documentary about Jair Bolsonaro only a few weeks before this year’s Brazilian presidential election (10/2–30/22).


The fact that US and British state-affiliated media outlets would promote misleading narratives less than a month before the most complicated Brazilian presidential election in modern history is another sad example of the long tradition of Western media facilitating imperialist meddling in Latin American elections.

PBS and BBC Team Up to Misinform About Brazil’s Bolsonaro

If it’s such a familiar pattern, why do we tolerate it? We’ve surely known for long enough that when the rich get richer it doesn’t “trickle down.”


What is needed is a root-and-branch reshaping of our economy, away from neoliberal, extractive capitalism and towards a system built on the “new economics” — more communitarian, egalitarian and democratic, with sustainability and wellbeing as its goals.

It Doesn’t Trickle Down – Consortium News