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People are spewing more and more ignorant nonsense. The Donbass Republics asked for help. The locals of four regions want to vote on whether to join Russia or not, just as Crimea did. Kiev had been attacking the Republics since the CIA-orchestrated coup. Russia and Putin were targeted by US imperialists even before George W. Bush gave the green light for Georgia to attack territories being protected by Russian peacekeepers.

Know your history. Don't be a minion of Western imperialism pretending to be democratic. The list of offenses by the USA against Russia is very, very long. Putin is not perfect, but he's by far better for Russia than Biden or Trump are for the USA. He was perfectly willing to get along with America. He wasn't the problem. The neocons were the problem and still are.

Putin Renews NUCLEAR THREATS [hogwash!] Vs NATO, Orders Partial Mobilization Of 300K+

Russia is not, and has not been, losing in Ukraine. Russia has only done strategic and tactical withdrawals. Russia has lost many, many fewer people and much less equipment than has Kiev. The sanctions against Russia have only served to strengthen Russia. Far from being isolated, Russia is invited all over the non-Western world, which makes up nearly 90% of the global population.

Western lies are legend. There is no "draft." They are calling up reserves, just as has happened in the US without a draft. It is not a full mobilization, not even close. Those things said, what difference would a draft or full mobilization make in terms of whether or not Russia will finish the task set by Putin? The West can't wish its way to victory via propaganda. Since Putin announced the 300K reserves being called up, Russia's economy has only strengthened even more. The Russian people are like all other peoples of the world. Some of them do not support the leadership. Most do, by far. There were more Russians complaining that Russia wasn't doing enough in Ukraine than there were Russians complaining Russia should get out of Ukraine. You don't get the truth from the US-mainstream-corporate media because it's completely embedded in neoliberal imperialism, not in spreading real democracy.

Putin's nuclear-weapons doctrine has not changed. He has simply reminded Biden and the others what the doctrine was and still is. In a nutshell, the doctrine is that Russia will use nuclear weapons as a last resort to keep any other nation or nations from taking over Russia, destroying Russia's sovereignty. Putin will never use nuclear weapons except against an immediate, completely serious, existential threat to Russian sovereignty. If Russia can win conventionally, that's what they will do. Biden and all the Presidents before him who served during Putin's leadership in Russia know this. They just don't speak honestly and directly about any of it. Frankly, I believe Putin's doctrine is exactly America's doctrine. Just fill in "America" where Putin uses "Russia."

In addition, Russia is still winning in Ukraine and will continue winning until Putin's objectives there have been fully realized. He will not allow a hostile, fascist, coup regime to sit on his border threatening Russia as an American proxy and puppet.

Calling up Russian reserves is the right move to achieve the objective.

I hate war, but the war is not Putin's fault. It's George H.W. Bush's and every President's fault since: the pack of liars.

The only other choice Putin had was for Russia to become a total dominated vassal state.

Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis 21.09.2022

Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis 22.09.2022

I wrote all of the above before reading Mr. Putin's speech. I saw his speech referred to as "incoherent" by Western media. Western media should be so incoherent.

Russia will back and accept the outcome of the referendums in the four regions mentioned above.

Frankly, I have mixed feelings about this decision, but I understand that the Kremlin simply had no other option for the following reasons:

This decision put away the thorny issue of “will the Russians stay or leave”.  Once the four regions vote to become part of Russia (which most opinion polls say will happen), they will forever retain that status.

With all the rumors in the West about a limited use of nuclear forces, by making these four regions part of Russian proper, not just de facto but also de jure, Russia extends her nuclear umbrella over them (Russian military doctrine allows for the use of nukes if the territorial integrity and safety of Russia are under threat). 

Russia will mobilize about 1.2% of her mobilizational potential

US Financial Sanctions on China | EU Business Report on China | Chinese Economy

Robby, Maduro has not engaged in political oppression. He has engaged in holding back out-and-out fascism out to utterly destroy democracy so US imperialists/plutocrats can completely dominate Venezuela. Maduro is a democrat! He is not a Stalinist. He is for extremely strong general and individual welfare. The libertarian-capitalist model hates that with a passion. All of the founders of the Austrian School of Economics hated democracy and loved capitalistic feudalism. They all wanted to be feudal lords over the people.

It is clear to me that Robby has no clue as to the logical outcome if all USA interventions in democracies around the world were to end and those leftists democracies were allowed to function in the world unmolested by so-called laissez-faire capitalists. Those "laissez-faire capitalists" know what would happen. The leftist nations would do vastly better than all others.

US Imperialism & Sanctions Are Driving Venezuela Migrant Crisis, NOT COMMUNISM: RBN's Nick

"Laissez-faire capitalists" hate unions, especially democratic unions.

Home Depot Workers REVOLT After Massive Stock Buyback | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Good statement:

With one faction of capitalists engaged in aggressive, well-funded denial about climate change’s existence, and another, larger faction that views it as one more chance to cozy up with the world’s politicians, it is the “capital” not the “woke” that is the root of the problem. Neither right-wing populism nor corporate greenwashing do anything of substance to address the fundamental, existential problem of rising temperatures. Only a democratic movement connecting workers and elected officials and challenging the power of corporations — woke or  not — can hope to have a real impact on climate change. The only question that matters is whether one will coalesce before it is too late.

Subject:Corporations Being “Woke” on Climate Change Is Not the Problem. It’s Also Not the Solution.

My views on Viktor Orban are mixed. I disagree with him on a number of cultural issues but agree with him concerning the EU approach toward Russia. Could Brussels’ Threats To Hungary End EU As We Know It?

It's not just the right-wing. Germany’s Die Linke on verge of split over sanctions on Russia.

The attorney general emphasized the intentional and deliberate nature of Trump’s conduct, pointing to multiple examples of how the former president inflated his net worth, like by inflating the square footage of his apartment from less than 11,000 square feet to 30,000 square feet on official documents....

New York Attorney General Announces Trump Lawsuit: ‘No One is Above the Law’

8 Injured After Chicago Apartment Building Blast.

Bitcoin is unstoppable – as China proves. The only thing it proves is that there are a lot of ignorant people in China, as elsewhere.

Majority of Republican Voters Say US Should Be Declared a 'Christian Nation'. Why? They aren't interested in being like Jesus.

Where was even the mention of price gouging? Where was the call for a national industrial policy that includes jobs handled by fiscal policy? Powell’s Whatever-it-Takes Moment: Policy “WILL Be Enough to Restore Price Stability.” Fed Hikes by 75 Basis Points. Shocker, Sees 4.4% by End of 2022.

The bankers are called banksters in this context, and they never pay! Where is the pain for the bankers? Why is all the pain on the workers? Where's the pain for the billionaires? Do you think they worry about the price of the food they eat? They only worry about the profits they take home from the sales of food to the masses.

Powell is an obscene frontman.

Fascists, Neofascists, and Postfascists: Italy’s Unreal Election Debate.

Liz Truss's economics are doomed to failure. Tax cuts for the rich with increased austerity for the poor in the face of recession or depression has never helped a national economy but just the opposite. The best national economics are always when there is the most sharing of prosperity and never when there is greater hoarding at the top. Who doesn't know that?