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The Rise of Miami [in the face of a rising sea]

Is the fall temporary? "China’s 2008" Chinese Stocks Crash In Massive Selloff | Chinese Economy

Ukraine Admits Russia Digging In Kherson, Fortifying All Front Lines. All Ukrainian Attacks Repelled

I totally agree concerning the caving, but I didn't for a moment expect them not to cave. It's what they do. They talk a great progressive game but refuse to fight for the stated principles. It''s why Jeremy Corbyn lost to the racists calling him a racist. It's even why Bernie Sanders lost, twice.

Concerning Putin, Saagar and Krystal completely ignore all the history down through the centuries, which Putin has quite correctly spelled out. Putin has NOT engaged in revisionism. I'm not saying I agree with him on everything, but he's not wrong about why we have found ourselves in the current situation. None of it would have happened except for the USA pushing for global domination by all means short of all-out nuclear war and not for the sake of democracy but elitist capitalists.

Progressives IMMEDIATELY Cave On Ukraine Diplomacy | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

I had thought Russia had more troops available for rotation and quick escalation if necessary. I had also thought Ukraine wouldn't attract nearly as many foreign mercenaries as they have. It appears Russia has ramped up its efforts just in the nick of time, as Ukraine seems determined still and likely has significant personnel help from close neighbors. Listen to the speculation.

Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis 25.10.2022

I freely admit I never resolved the conflict in my head concerning "right to work" versus "closed shop." Part of my problem was due to the massive corruption that existed in union leadership. Union should have been but often were not democratic. Why, I pondered, should I agree with a closed shop, a monopoly on labor, benefiting gangsters running unions.

My attitude is now that provided the union is democratically controlled by the rank and file, I'm for a closed shop.

Unionism faded so rapidly that I was not confronted enough to force myself to analyze to final conclusion. I also began my working years in a "right-to-work" state. I tried to join a union, but they weren't open to more membership. That sent me into the arms of those saying I had a right to work.

Make it and keep it fair and clean and I'm in.

Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Doug Mastriano Wants to Crush Unions in Pennsylvania.

Fire-Stricken Rural New Mexico Warily Eyes Insurance Fight.

Pipeline Blasts Leave Nord Stream in Insurance Limbo.

The blaze was sparked in a field by a combine that was harvesting crops.

Wildfires Destroy Much of Missouri Town, Threaten Homes in Iowa and Nebraska

To date, NICB has identified nearly half a million claims (471,581) related to Hurricane Ian with a majority of the claims (431,702) reported in Florida. Nearly two-thirds of the Florida claims are homeowner and business claims (272,465), and the remaining are personal automobile claims (151,892).

Nearly Half A Million Claims Have Been Filed Following Hurricane Ian