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As Chinese Economy Slows, New Systemic Financial Risks Appear

Weak is NOT progressive. The self-styled "progressives" in the US Congress are each weak, very weak. Weak here means not walking the talk, not taking the stances and sticking with them come Hell or high water.

Will Progressives Ever FORCE THE VOTE? (w/ Ryan Grim)

Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis 21.11.2022

Mariinka In Depth Analysis | Ukraine War Map Update

Alexander says that the New York Times has substantiated the Russian version concerning the extrajudicial execution by Ukraine of Russian unarmed prisoners of war.

What is the massive liar, Zelensky, saying about it.

Russia Advances, Marinka & Vuhledar, Growing Criticism of Zelensky, Protests East Germany, Austria

India's real GDP growth is projected to average 6.3% annually in FY 2021-30, enabling it to overtake Japan and Germany to become the world's third-largest economy (in nominal US dollar terms). Real income per capita is projected to achieve significant average growth of 5.3%, with Indian households becoming the greatest spenders among G20 economies.

Outlook for India’s economic growth and policy platforms

Europe has hiked its diesel imports from Russia this month as the EU embargo on imports of Russian oil products starting on February 5 draws closer, oil flow analytics show.   Less than three months before the embargo kicks in, Russia is still the biggest supplier of diesel to Europe, which will have to replace more than 500,000 barrels per day (bpd) of diesel supply after February, the International Energy Agency (IEA) says.

Europe Races To Stock Up On Russian Diesel Ahead Of Embargo |

...mass adoption of EVs and electric trucks would likely lead to the emergence of a lot of “small towns” across the United States. And some of the country’s utilities are already experiencing trouble securing a reliable supply of electricity.

America's Electric Grid Can't Support The EV Revolution |

Since the beginning of this year, investment banks and international financial organizations, including the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, have steadily downgraded their forecasts for the People’s Republic of China’s (PRC) GDP growth in 2022 to around 3.2 percent (Nikkei Asia, October 7). Most analysts agree that Beijing is in a difficult economic position, but the situation has the potential to become far worse due to off-balance sheet liabilities. Such debt risks defaulting, or may otherwise need to be covered by the central government.

Excessive Debt Will Be China’s Biggest Challenge |

Moscow reveals how many countries want to join BRICS.

Banks and corporations making pledges of ‘net-zero’ emissions are taking the public for a ride, according to a new United Nations report released at [the] COP27 climate change conference. “We must have zero tolerance for net-zero greenwashing,” UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres said, in reference to the concept of virtue-signaling a green agenda for marketing purposes as a strategy to gain more business, all while failing to back up the claims in practice.

How the green agenda is being used to fleece the naive

A new analysis shows a “crisis” of male reproductive health - EHN.

While the public has clearly shown that they want more (not less) free speech, these executives are likely to yield to the pressure of Clinton and other powerful figures to coerce Musk into limiting the speech of others on his platform.

These campaigns only add support to Musk’s push for alternative revenue sources, including verification fees.  As I previously wrote, we can show that there is a market for free speech by supporting Twitter in trying to reduce the dependence on corporate sponsors. If Musk remains faithful to free speech, many customers are likely to join his platform and support his effort to reduce censorship on social media.

Clinton-Linked Dark Money Group Targets Advertisers to Stop Musk From Restoring Free Speech Protections – JONATHAN TURLEY

Amid the destruction of Ukraine’s infrastructure, a split has reportedly emerged within the White House. Some top-level Biden administration officials are urging Kiev to keep fighting Russia “for as long as it takes,” whereas Milley has declared that Ukraine cannot win militarily and should instead seize “an opportunity to negotiate.”

'Harsh winter' ahead for Ukraine – Pentagon chief

...the Ukraine conflict is effectively two wars – the one the nationalists are fighting, and the one the state is fighting, and the two are “entirely different.” He foresees Azov and other nationalist groups being thrown under the bus by Kiev in the future, “once their usefulness for the NATO regime ran out.”

Echoing the words of the assassinated chief of the Right Sector, “we’re not finished yet, in the Maidan.” McLennan concludes by saying, “I would like to see Russia just go home, and while the government in Kiev is frail, another [Maidan] revolution.”

An American Neo-Nazi outlines the crimes of his Ukrainian 'colleagues'

Russian society from top to bottom is very unhappy with the present state of the war – but their discontent is with what they see as the pusillanimity of their own government in not responding more resolutely to Ukrainian provocations in the form of continuing artillery strikes on the Kursk and Belgorod regions from the Kharkov oblast just across the border or through atrocities such as the just released video of the cold-blooded murder of Russian prisoners of war by gleeful Ukrainian soldiers. The withdrawal from the city of Kherson inflamed the passions of the Russian public who demand better explanations in their parliament and on their television than they have received so far.

Is the Russia-Ukraine war at a crossroads? – Gilbert Doctorow