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Before I watch Ben's video post, I want to say something that I've always felt. A rules-based order is great so long as the rules are just and fair, which is actually a redundancy. A set of rules that put corporations over democracy is inherently unjust/unfair and, therefore, bad. International law also needs to be just and fair to be proper. A set of rules that put nation-states over democracy falls into the exact same trap as any rules-based order that puts corporations over democracy. Nation-state "self-determination" is bad if individual human-rights are treated as less important than the nation as a whole. There must be a just and fair balance for there to be justice, order, peace, and all the rest of what's good and right.

Now, let's hear what Ben has to say to see if he covers any of what I just wrote above.

French ambassador: US 'rules-based order' means Western domination, violating international law

So, Ben did not mention democracy but Gerard Araud did. Gerard also mentioned dictatorships. Ben did not. This is a pattern with Ben. He is anti-imperialist but not openly pro democracy that I know of.

It doesn't influence me in the slightest that so many self-style progressives don't make these distinctions. I can be, and am, anti-imperialist, anti-dictatorship, and pro democracy all at the same time.

I asked Tony to include China's COVID-19 death stats in his videos, and he started doing that immediately. It is very helpful for us as we attempt to put China's Zero-Tolerance policy into perspective. What I'm now wondering about concerns hospitalizations and the degree to which they overwhelm China's capacity. Tony touched on it when he quoted someone who mention that China waited too long to gear up ICU facilities.

Chinese Housing Crisis | Economy Fears As Lockdowns Spread | Energy Security | China Economy

As far as I'm concerned, he must divest to run.

REVEALED: Trump's CORRUPT Deal With Middle Eastern Government | Breaking Points

Rail Strike BACK ON As Union Rejects Deal | Breaking Points

Biden SCREWS WORKERS: Set To FORCE Bad Deal On Rail Strikers | Breaking Points

The politicians, the party, who/that runs on this poll wins.

Who was the great trust buster? Teddy Roosevelt (Republican)! Where would the Republican Party founder, Abe Lincoln, come down on it? He'd be for the People over the corporations.

SHOCK POLL: Republican Base TURNS On Banks, Big Corporations | Breaking Points

Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis 22.11.2022

Russia Advances in Marinka, Vuhledar, Ukraine Struggles in Kherson; Europe Braces for Refugees Flood

Both “living alone” measures (share of population and share of households) were at the highest levels ever recorded by the CPS/ASEC.

Lawler: Likely "Dramatic shift" in Household Formation has "Major implications" for 2023

As 2023 approaches, the global economy is teetering on the edge of recession. The twin drivers of fiscal policy responses to the pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine conflict shock have produced inflation rates at multi-decade highs. Central banks have sought to slow demand and achieve better alignment with supply by raising interest rates and reducing asset holdings, ending the monetary accommodation in place since the Financial Crisis of 2008. Even so, recessions appear likely in Europe and North America, while Asia Pacific (APAC) and other emerging markets are likely to skirt recession.

A world rebalancing

Public Safety Accounts Urge Caution on Twitter After Changes.

Italy [and other nations] Raises Windfall Tax On Energy Companies.

I agree that crypto should not be regulated. I've always held that position. My position has always been that it should be banned! The only thing cryptos have done is ruin people and provide a haven for crooks. I've said that from the beginning.

Central banks and other financial regulators are worried about crypto’s massive and tangled tentacles reaching into the fiat finance system – the issue of contagion beyond crypto.

But this year, those tentacles have gotten chopped off, tentacle by tentacle, as crypto-companies and hedge funds, one after the other, imploded and took their customers’ funds with them. The most recent example was the spectacular implosion of FTX and its affiliated companies, including Alameda Research, leaving unspeakable chaos and huge financial holes behind. The debris of all this is going to get picked through over the next few years in bankruptcy court.

So now the question arises: Why even regulate this thing?

I Agree: Don’t Regulate Crypto, Let it Burn. Making Good Progress on its Own

They're just waiting for the prices to drop to their lowest.

Investor Purchases of Single-Family Houses Plunged 32% in Q3, Plummeting the Most in “Pandemic Boomtowns”.

Putin Ally Calls for 'Nazi' Zelensky to Face War Crime Charges Over Troop Assassinations.

...the IAEA inspectors surveyed the damage [at Zaporozhye nuclear power plant] on Monday, accompanied by a Russian ballistics expert, and were able to see that the attack had come from the Ukrainian side. That report was transmitted to the IAEA headquarters.

UN responds to Russian nuclear request

The Lords of War: The Perils Facing Trump, Garland, and Smith in Washington’s Legal Arms Race.

President Biden has characterized this split as being between democracies and autocracies. The terminology is typical Orwellian double-speak. By “democracies” he means the U.S. and allied Western financial oligarchies. Their aim is to shift economic planning out of the hands of elected governments to Wall Street and other financial centers under U.S. control. U.S. diplomats use the International Monetary Fund and World Bank to demand privatization of the world’s infrastructure and dependency on U.S. technology, oil and food exports.

By “autocracy,” Biden means countries resisting this financialization and privatization takeover. In practice, U.S. rhettoric means promoting its own economic growth and living standards, keeping finance and banking as public utilities. What basically is at issue is whether economies will be planned by banking centers to create financial wealth – by privatizing basic infrastructure, public utilities and social services such as health care into monopolies – or by raising living standards and prosperity by keeping banking and money creation, public health, education, transportation and communications in public hands.

Germany’s position in America’s New World Order | The Vineyard of the Saker

...will Germany and other countries in the EU continue serving as de facto US vassals or begin following a more independent foreign policy? One could argue their very survival as functional states depends on this.

The Middle East and US global power: Fossil Fuel- Lifeblood of the American Empire

Well, Germany is afraid of both Russia and the USA.

Air pollution particles were particularly found in immune cells called macrophages. These immune cells are like front-line soldiers in the lungs, destroying bacteria and sweeping away dead cells. Macrophages also act as crucial immune signaling cells, secreting molecules to call in reinforcements from other immune cells.

These new findings indicate air pollution particles can accumulate in the lung nodes that produce macrophages, and this impairs their function. So over long periods of exposure to air pollution our lungs ultimately decline in their ability to battle pathogens, leaving us more susceptible to respiratory infections.

Study proves chronic exposure to air pollution can weaken immune system