News, Mon., Feb. 6, 2023

C*19 Death Rate WAY Lower Than Media Claimed (New Stanford Study):

The more landlords appear to care much less about the welfare of their tenants than about those landlords becoming as rich as possible, the more likely it is that tenants will call for socialism in housing. That will turn into a movement. That will turn into people running for office against those landlords' desires. That will turn into laws for socialist housing. Corporate Media Failing to Report Shortcomings of Biden Rental Plan.

If a private company (including a public corporation) does a great job contracting for a government, for the people, that's great. There's no compelling reason for the government to "nationalize" that company or take its contract away. However, when the private sector can't cut it, and often it can't, the public sector must take on the task.

The notion that the private sector always does a better job than the public sector is a joke amongst those in the know. It's the lie that just keeps giving and giving to the lying plutocrats at the direct negative expense of everyone else. Don't fall for it. Never mindlessly side with private enterprise. Always decide on the real merits of which sector can do a better job of it. Down With Public-Private Partnerships. Up With a Future That Is Public.

Ralph Nader: The Progenitor of Inequalities—Corporate Personhood vs. Human Beings.

Another prime example of how bad the private sector can be and is.

In a study released last month, the Commonwealth Fund found that "the U.S. has the lowest life expectancy at birth, the highest death rates for avoidable or treatable conditions, the highest maternal and infant mortality, and among the highest suicide rates" among rich countries, even as it spends far more on healthcare than comparable nations both on a per-person basis and as a share of gross domestic product.

"Not only is the U.S. the only country we studied that does not have universal health coverage," the study added, "but its health system can seem designed to discourage people from using services."

In New York Times Op-Ed, US Physician Blasts 'Lucrative System of For-Profit Medicine'

Look, if you pay into Social Security right now, you get an amount back regardless of how good or bad, or lucky or unlucky, you are at investing. The greedy want those Social Security taxes going into private companies that could go bankrupt. Where would that leave an extremely old person living on nothing but Social Security? Just tax the rich to keep Social Security solvent. SS benefits should be substantially increased rather than made risky. 'Republicans Keep Saying the Quiet Part Out Loud': Pence Calls for Privatizing Social Security.

I wonder just how reactionary Ron DeSantis is. Just what year in the history of the USA would he like to take the entire country back to? Maybe there's no year because no time in the history of the USA was it reactionary enough for him. After all, not every state was a slave state. Does he want the KKK's vote? I should think so.

You know, there was a time in America when anyone with the last name of DeSantis would have been discriminated against for it. He's not pressed on any of these things by the mainstream media, media that's loaded with the "types" of people DeSantis is targeting for cancellation. It's his own kind of "wokeness." What's his name for it? Is it DeSantisism?

I can hardly wait for him to defend his torture career in the military. It makes me think about him whipping runaway slaves in the Old South. Could a DeSantis have been a big-plantation owner back then, or would that class have made sure not? DeSantis ramps up ‘war on woke’ with new attacks on Florida higher education.