News, Wed., Mar. 1, 2023

Each standalone internet-connected device creates new security risks. For example: surveillance cams are accessible to outsiders; hackers can talk with family members through a baby monitor; a smart TV remote can eavesdrop on you; smart bulbs can be used to launch DDoS attacks; and а robot vacuum cleaner can take pictures of you. These problems can be partially solved through correct configuration, which we’ll cover in a separate post.


Unfortunately, few people will be able to figure out in advance which smart home features they really need, and which will just be a bit of fun for a couple of weeks. As our colleagues’ experience shows, some users for example don’t need voice control at all, while others can’t live without it. Plan your smart home budget and implementation so that no scenario hits you hard in the pocket or comfort-wise: for instance, when planning centralized control of lighting and heating, don’t forget about the good old-fashioned manual switches. And, of course, get ready to protect your smart home from cyberthreats — stay tuned for more details on those in a separate post…

Best smart home standards and how to implement them

LastPass publishes final analysis of hack into password infrastructure.

I certainly think Joan Robinson was head over heels above Milton Friedman, whom I considered, and still do, more than just a bit of an idiot. That said, they were both wrong concerning unions and price inflation. The truth is that we've seen quite recently what's really behind price inflation: the unbridled greed of the rich. Why Joan Robinson Blamed Unions for Inflation While Milton Friedman Did Not.

A recent study by The Commonwealth Fund found that the United States spent close to twice as much as the average OECD nation on healthcare while achieving worse outcomes in critical areas such as life expectancy at birth and death rates for treatable conditions.

Report Shows Big Insurance Profiting Massively From Medicare Privatization

The current iteration of Zionism is inherently evil.

In the worst settler attacks in decades, nearly 300 Israeli settlers rampaged through the Palestinian villages of Huwara, Zatara, and Burin on Sunday, burning homes to the ground, lighting vehicles on fire, and injuring 350 Palestinians.

The horrific settler attacks on Palestinian villages are the inevitable result of Zionism

If passed, the Decreasing Emergency Railroad Accident Instances Locally (DERAIL) Act would direct the head of the Department of Transportation to "modify the definition of 'high-hazard flammable train' to mean a single train transporting one or more loaded tank cars of a Class 3 flammable liquid or a Class 2 flammable gas and other materials the secretary determines necessary for safety."

Khanna, Deluzio Unveil 'Derail Act' to Prevent Another Disaster Like East Palestine

The article's title is "The Growing Cost of Wildfires: Getting Ready for Forest Fire Season"; however, it's really the growing cost of global warming caused by carbon-fuel burning.

A Guide To Land Trust Affiliate Marketing.