Usher’s News & Analysis for Jan. 21, 2021

It will be extremely interesting to see how this new lockdown effort pans out.

China builds massive Covid-19 quarantine camp for 4,000 people as outbreak continues

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attempted to execute a “Hail Mary” decision to legalize dozens of illegal settler outposts deep in the West Bank one day before Biden’s inauguration. He failed.

Netanyahu attempts Hail Mary on settlements before Biden inauguration

If this is true and it's safe and affordable, it's amazing.

"According to results of the first and second phases of clinical trials, the immunological effectiveness of the EpiVacCorona vaccine is 100%."

Russia's second vaccine '100% effective', watchdog tells media

This is all very understandable. I feel the same about it.

"I don't think anyone wants to be a guinea pig," he said. "At the end of the day, as a man of science, I just want to see what the data shows. And show me the full data."

One LI Nurse Tells Why She Is Declining The Coronavirus Vaccine

Well, he's not sitting on his hands. I think I agree with each of the moves stated in the news report, although I would have gone much further.

Biden signs executive orders reversing Trump decisions on COVID, climate change

Krystal and Saagar: CNN FREAKS That YouTubers Have Larger Audiences, Calls For Deplatforming

What Can Sanders Do as Budget Chair? – Rob Johnson and Paul Jay

As Chair of the Senate Budget Committee, Bernie Sanders can force votes on Medicare for All and cuts to the military budget. He will face opposition from the GOP and within the Democratic Party. Rob Johnson was a Senior Economist for the Budget Committee and Chief Economist for the Senate Banking Committee. He joins Paul Jay on podcast.