Usher’s News & Analysis for July 11, 2020

Maine Resident with Cancer Sues Over Discriminatory Smart Meter Opt-Out Fees

… the virus can’t survive temperatures above 70 degrees Centigrade, about 158 degrees Fahrenheit. So they decided to use a heated filter. By making the filter temperature far hotter – about 200 C – they were able to kill the virus almost instantly.

University Researchers Claim Air Filter ‘Catches and Kills’ the Coronavirus

This quote is important.

The Black Lives Matter movement is not violent. The story that we’re going to talk about today is about a small group of agitators that is attempting to hijack that message and use it as a cover for criminal activity.

Officials Say Portland Businesses Lost $23M Due to Ongoing Protests

Watchdog Accuses Trump’s NOAA of ‘Choosing Extinction’ for Critically Threatened Right Whales by Hiding Scientific Evidence

Poll finds MASSIVE support for a federal jobs program. Will Biden listen?

On today’s What America’s Thinking, a new Hill-HarrisX poll finds 79% of voters are in support of a federal jobs program created for those who are unemployed, including almost half of voters who strongly support the idea. Felicia Wong, President and CEO of the Roosevelt Institute, joins Hill TV to explain public opinion on the issue and reacts to Joe Biden’s newly laid out economic vision.

Podcast: West Virginia’s Exploited Communities Stand Up to Coal, Oil & Gas Giants

In this episode, we are joined by activist, journalist and documentary filmmaker Eleanor Goldfield whose new documentary, “Hard Road of Hope,” shares the stories of people in West Virginia and their struggle against the corporate state.