Usher’s News & Analysis for Oct. 24, 2020

Trump has set international law back at least a hundred years. Will it stand?

He's taken the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and handled it exactly backwards. While the right-wing led Israel keeps taking more and more land in direct opposition to very clear international law (to which the US is signatory and bound by our own Constitution), rather than working to reel back those right-wingers, Trump has worked overtime to reward them while further damaging the Palestinians, who were very well established on that land going back to the time of Christ and before and who stayed on it the whole time until ethnocratic Europeans came and colonized the land by force, including via terrorism and starting wars.

All the nations going along with Trump on it are acting shamefully and illegally.

Trump announces peace deal between Sudan and Israel, says more nations will normalize relations

They've finally caught on to what I was saying before China was "opened."

There is now bipartisan consensus in Washington, D.C. that China is a problem to be addressed rather than a commercial opportunity to be exploited—a capitalism-first approach that held sway for decades and has been blamed for exporting untold numbers of manufacturing jobs, supply chains and wealth to China.

Western powers hoped—naively, according to some China-skeptic lawmakers and analysts—that interaction with the world's market economy would encourage China to liberalize. But the CCP has used the wealth garnered from opening up its economy to entrench totalitarian rule at home, and is now pushing to secure its own spheres of dominance in Asia and further afield.

The laissez-faire-capitalist globalists were dead wrong. They had it exactly backwards. Never forget that. Democracy should always have been put before open markets. Markets should be closed that refuse to democratize.

Xi Says China Is Ready for War After Trump, Biden Take Hard Line on Beijing

Ah, someone finally puts in an article exactly the most important mistake Morales made in his life. It was not a coup. Morales screwed up!

... Morales, whose popularity was dented in his final years as president by a refusal to accept term limits ....

Final count gives leftist big victory in Bolivia election

Fortunately, the people of Bolivia didn't turn their backs on all the good things Morales did, and he did plenty of good things, way more than he did wrong. He was not autocratic by the way. That bit is just false propaganda spewed out by fascists. He always put the interests of the people first.

This is an extremely powerful reason to get rid of the Electoral College.

Biden’s oil slip gives Trump campaign hope in Pa., Texas

I don't think Biden screwed up. He couldn't weaken the position he took during the primary campaign. Too many environmentalists might have changed their minds and decided to vote third party. However, those environmentalists couldn't take back their earlier votes already cast. Anyway, Biden would have been savaged on the left for caving into Trump on dirty, global-warming energy.

The hornet's nest was found in a tree on a property east of Blaine, Wash., in Whatcom County after a captured hornet fitted with a radio tag was tracked.
A new study has found that the Asian giant hornet, or "murder hornet," which first appeared in Washington in 2019, could invade all of western Washington and Oregon within 20 years if left unchecked, decimating local honeybee populations and threatening crops that rely on pollination.
... the Asian giant hornet also deploys a potent sting, which is more dangerous than that of local bees and wasps and can be fatal to humans.

State planning 'eradication' of Whatcom County nest that is home to murder hornets

Truth in media:

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and whistleblower Chelsea Manning have both paid a tremendous price for revealing U.S. and allied war crimes while the planners and perpetrators face no consequences.

10 Years After Iraq War Logs, It's Impunity for War Criminals, War on Whistleblowers

It shows how backward our government is. Our government puts truth heroes in prison and pins medals on sociopaths.

Aaron Maté is a sharp guy and quite logical. However, I don't agree with him on everything.

He says Morales was deposed in a coup. I know Morales ran illegally. So does Morales by the way.

Aaron says Assad is a brutal dictator, or words to that effect. I say Assad was forced by the US under threat against Syria to do things Assad would not have otherwise done and that Assad is totally prepared for a free and fair election to decide the next President of Syria.

I say Assad literally saved Syria from the Islamic State headchoppers.

Assad is a firm believer in the political philosophy that says that areas and cultures not used to democracy and that are targets of imperial powers require a strong leader in order to control elements that will otherwise destroy what law there is and certainly what order and peace there is.

It's true that it was very naive of people to have thought Syria could have simply morphed into a Scandinavian democracy. Assad proved absolutely correct that al Qaeda was right there in the wings working to undermine secular government while the "peaceful" protests were happening and that al Qaeda jumped right out in front once the violence ramped up, some of which was orchestrated by the CIA intentionally to destabilize and overthrow Assad.

The US would never have saved Syria. Assad turning to Putin, who did the right thing geopolitically, from within the world's generally militant vs. pacifist bent, and to keep Islamic terrorists from invading Russia, saved Syria. It was not the US using the socialist Kurds that saved Syria, though those Kurds did a huge amount of heavy lifting against the Islamic headchoppers.

Aaron is on board with what I'm saying to a great degree. The following video makes that clearer. My support for Aaron is reinforced and increased by the video.

OPCW cover-ups, Russiagate and US Elections: Polly Talks to Aaron Maté

Aaron Maté, Izzy award-winning journalist and host of Pushback on The Grayzone, talks to RT’s Polly Boiko about Russiagate hysteria, the OPCW cover-up of the alleged 2018 chemical weapons attack in Douma, the US election race, who poisoned Alexey Navalny and what it’s like having a famous dad!