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Amid Washington Dog Deaths, Here's How to Keep Your Pet Safe From Toxic Blue-Green Algae

Most of those caught off guard by the intense downpours from the remnants of Hurricane Ida and Tropical Storm Henri lived in areas outside of coastal floodplains, making flood insurance an afterthought for most of the working-class families whose neighborhoods were among the hardest hit.

After Northeast Flooding, Insurance Woes Swamp Residents

... establishes declining emissions caps for 13 different sectors and timetables to reach certain emissions cap goals.

The ordinance also establishes fines of up to $1,000 a day for owners alleged to be in violation of the benchmarks.

Boston Requiring Zero Emissions For Large Buildings by 2050

An estimated 500,000 acres of Atlantic white cedar forests once stretched from Maine to northern Florida and along parts of the Gulf of Mexico coast, with 115,000 acres in New Jersey alone. Today, fewer than 125,000 acres remain nationally, 25,000 of them in New Jersey ....


New Jersey will pay for the project with money from court settlements with makers and sellers of MTBE, a gasoline additive that helped boost octane ratings, but which tended to separate from stored gasoline and leak into the ground in many spots in the U.S., contaminating water supplies.

Polluters Pick Up Tab For Restoration of Threatened Cedar

The quality, availability, and affordability of healthcare impacts local real-estate values.

... I fear that this shortage is going to be here for a while, unless we really start thinking about policies that will allow for more nursing school enrollment and faster ways of getting some of the staff out into the field because what we've got going right now is just not going to fill enough of the void.

Rural Hospitals Can’t Find the Nurses They Need to Fight COVID

The helicopter money that was all the money given out by the federal government certainly worked to juice the economy. However, the pandemic was the impetus while also being the main reason for price inflation, not the money itself. Employment and other supply constraints of COVID-19 were the main reasons for the inflation we're experiencing.

If we find ourselves in a recession without a pandemic, we can apply better resource planning, give out money, and have a quick and full recovery without unmanageable consumer- and producer-price inflation.

10 Warning Signs You Already Have Dementia

BRAIN HEALTH EP2 | Alzheimer's Root Causes & Treatment Options | Professor Rudolph Tanzi Interview