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Is Tucker Carlson committing a crime by denying these children? I think many people think so.

... research in 17,151 people who had ever socially transitioned found that 86.9 percent persisted in their gender identity. Of the 2,242 people who reported that they reverted to living as the gender associated with the sex they were assigned at birth, just 15.9 percent said they did so because of internal factors such as questioning their experienced gender but also because of fear, mental health issues and suicide attempts. The rest reported the cause was social, economic and familial stigma and discrimination. A third reported that they ceased living openly as a trans person because doing so was “just too hard for me.”


That effect may be lifelong. A 2022 study of more than 21,000 transgender adults showed that just 41 percent of adults who wanted hormone therapy received it, and just 2.3 percent had access to it in adolescence. When researchers looked at rates of suicidal thinking over the past year in these same adults, they found that access to hormone therapy in early adolescence was associated with a 60 percent reduction in suicidality in the past year and that access in late adolescence was associated with a 50 percent reduction.

What the Science on Gender-Affirming Care for Transgender Kids Really Shows

This is a risk-management issue.

California is leading the way. It's a huge state and not perfect, but it's doing better going forward than any other state in the nation. They'll need to do much better yet, however. There's no time to rest in the face of global warming and all the other environmental and ecological woes in plain sight.

The most important things are proper planning and execution so absolutely nobody is left behind while we transition wisely and quickly.

'Big Climate Win': California to Ban Sale of Gas Heaters and Furnaces by 2030.

If the unemployment rate were to rise by a percentage point or more (it could rise by much more), we would almost certainly see the more rapid wage gains at the bottom come to an end.

In fact, the story could well go into reverse.

It's Lower-Income Families Who Will Be Hit Hardest by Fed Rate Hikes

Those who can afford it should pay. The more they can afford, the more they should pay. People at the bottom should not have to. They are already struggling enough, suffering enough. Dog-eat-dog capitalism is a mental illness. It is a moral vacuum.

Oh, I totally hated the rise of the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC). Progressives should have doubled down, not caved to Bill Clinton. I shook my head, as the tidal wave of Yuppieism (greed and self-centeredness) swept away idealism.

The Structural Crisis of the New Deal Order Gave Us Neoliberalism.