Usher’s News & Analysis for Oct. 30, 2020

“One antisemite is one too many, but the scale of the problem was also dramatically overstated for political reasons by our opponents inside and outside the party, as well as by much of the media."
Corbyn released a separate statement after his suspension, saying he “will strongly contest the political intervention to suspend me.”

“I’ve made absolutely clear that those who deny there has been an antisemitism problem in the Labour Party are wrong,” he said.

“It’s also undeniable that a false impression has been created of the number of members accused of antisemitism, as polling shows: that is what has been overstated, not the seriousness of the problem,” he added.

The Labour Party has a serious problem because it ousted anti-racists and anti-ethnic bigots for being anti-Jewish. Jeremy Corbin completely mishandled it and is still mishandling it. He totally failed to stand up for those who were wrongfully charged with being anti-Jewish. He allowed them to be drummed out of the Party.

He still doesn't get it. The neocons have successfully forced the Labour Party into being afraid to stand up to right-wing racists ruling over Israel, which racists have been marginalizing, disenfranchising, ethnically cleansing, falsely imprisoning, terrorizing, and murdering Palestinian Arabs for decade after decade in their own land.

Corbyn's weakness has come back to haunt him. The Labour Party is a disaster. Corbyn blew his clear opportunity to make that Party great.

UK Labour Party's Jeremy Corbyn suspended after release of anti-Semitism report

While the UK Labour Party cries for Israeli "settlers":

For many West Bank Palestinians, the olive tree is both a revered cultural emblem and an economic necessity - but it has also become a focal point of a struggle between them and Israeli settlers for a land they both claim.

More than 1,000 trees owned by Palestinian farmers have been burned or damaged in the Israeli-occupied territory since the harvest began three weeks ago, according to a United Nations report.

West Bank Palestinians' olive trees burn as U.N. urges protection for harvest

“Muslims have a right to be angry and to kill millions of French people for the massacres of the past.”

That is such a terribly wrong thing to say. It's such a shame that it came from a man who had once shown an ability to be quite sane in a generally insane world.

Ex-Malaysia PM [Mahathir Mohamad]: Muslims have right to ‘kill millions of French people’

France’s anti-terrorism prosecutor’s office has initiated an investigation into the Nice attack.

“Enough is enough,” Estrosi said. “It’s time now for France to exonerate itself from the laws of peace in order to definitively wipe out Islamo-fascism from our territory.”

Muslims go to France and use terror, violence, and murder to try to force Islamic anti-blasphemy laws on secular France. It's a fool's game, as those anti-blasphemy laws are self-contradictory. The tenets of Islam blaspheme other religions. There is no way France can, or will, cave into the demands.

If it comes down to a choice between democratic, republican, secular France and Islamic whatever, I'm with France.

Woman Decapitated, Two Others Killed in
Islamist Knife Attack in French Church

Experts say the scientific evidence is growing that face masks can considerably reduce the transmission of respiratory viruses like the one that causes Covid-19. Even when mask wearing does not prevent infection, it can reduce the severity of disease by diminishing the intensity of a person’s exposure to the virus. Research also shows that states that have passed mask mandates have had lower growth rates of Covid-19, beginning on the day the mandate was passed.

A U.S. mask mandate would probably face a legal challenge, but Biden, if elected, would have ways to promote it.

"This bill does not unilaterally remove less lethal devices such as tear gas, rubber bullets, pepper spray, or the like from the police department's arsenal," Gym said. "It clearly states that they may not be used against any individual engaged in First Amendment protected activities."

Philadelphia City Council passes bill banning use of tear gas, rubber bullets and pepper spray during [peaceful, constitutional] protests

Grand juror in Breonna Taylor case calls Kentucky attorney general a 'liar'

I hope this has legs and the jurors will be able to step out without hiding their identities because they will be fully protected by law-enforcement. Regardless, I believe it is a turning point concerning grand juries. I doubt this will be the last case where jurors speak out. I think more jurors will speak up while they are still sitting as jurors rather than simply letting the prosecutors do whatever they want.

... Tony Bobulinski, told Sinclair broadcasting he has provided the FBI with digital evidence he has indicated ties former Vice President Joe Biden to his son’s overseas business dealings.

Has he been ordered not to make it public? I want to know exactly what it is.

FBI investigating Hunter Biden over money-laundering allegations: report

Some biologists and former government officials who previously reviewed the administration’s proposal for lifting protections said it lacked scientific justification.

Ecologically, wiping out the wolves was a terrible idea.

Trump officials end gray wolf protections across most of US

The South is finally losing the Civil War.

Jackson, who taught at VMI, owned six enslaved people in Lexington before the Civil War. Mortally wounded during the Battle of Chancellorsville, the aggressive general became an icon of the “Lost Cause” movement in the decades after the South was defeated and slavery abolished.

VMI to move statue of Thomas 'Stonewall' Jackson from prominent spot on campus

Try telling the Taiwanese that masks don't help.

The United States recorded more than 80,000 new coronavirus infections and more than 1,000 related deaths Wednesday amid a nationwide surge in new cases. Taiwan, meanwhile, reached a milestone: 200 days without recording a single locally transmitted coronavirus infection.
... Taiwan harnessed lessons from past epidemics and took the virus seriously from the start. ...
“Taiwan quickly mobilized and instituted specific approaches for case identification, containment, and resource allocation to protect the public health,” the JAMA article said.
.... the island “had an established culture of face mask use” that meant many people began wearing masks in public before they were officially required to do so — and that the government was quick to ramp up production and form a plan to distribute masks to all residents.

Taiwan celebrates record 200 days with no confirmed local coronavirus transmission

Assessing hazards: `It’s not safe for us’

When a fire burns homes, common household items become hazardous waste. Paint, bleach, fertilizer, car batteries, propane tanks _ the list goes on. State officials say it’s likely some mobile home debris also contains asbestos.

Mobile Home Parks in Oregon Burned. Now Rent is Due.

... Cantwell "recommends Congress require that Facebook and Google negotiate payment terms with local media outlets for the headlines, photos and summaries driving a sizable amount of traffic on their sites," a move proposed or enacted in some European countries and Australia, much to the chagrin of the big tech firms.

"Congressional action is needed to help local news survive the global pandemic and onslaught of unfair practices by the dominant online platforms," the report argues, echoing a watershed antitrust lawsuit filed last week against Google by the Justice Department.

"Local news," said Cantwell, "needs new laws and regulations to make sure it can compete fairly and provide its true value to local communities and American democracy."

Senator's Report Finds Google and Facebook Have 'Hijacked' Local News and Undermined Journalism

Good move:

After months of healthcare professionals battling—as well as contracting and dying from—Covid-19, a coalition of labor unions on Thursday sued the U.S. Labor Secretary and the federal workplace safety agency over the "unconscionable delay" in issuing strong protections from infectious diseases for frontline workers.
The unions charge that the administration tabling work on an Infectious Diseases Standard and refusing to resume it in the face of the pandemic amount to an unreasonable delay in violation of the Administrative Procedure Act and the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSH Act).
"OSHA has failed to regulate employers, which in turn have failed to protect the people caring for Covid-19 patients," Weingarten said.

Health Workers Sue Trump Labor Secretary, OSHA Over 'Unconscionable Delay' of Protections Against Infectious Disease

I have always maintained that Bellingcat is not credible. I have never seen Bellingcat turn out to be correct.

The anonymously authored Bellingcat article’s problems begin with its very premise, which turns out to be a blatant falsehood. The article is based on excerpts of a leaked draft letter that, Bellingcat claims, was sent in June 2019 by OPCW Director General Fernando Arias to Brendan Whelan, a member of the OPCW’s Douma team.

However, The Grayzone can reveal that the text that Bellingcat published was never actually sent to Whelan. Indeed, the text of the letter featured by Bellingcat was actually an unsent draft that Whelan never received. This fact dismantles the heart of the NATO state-backed website’s argument.

Draft debacle: Bellingcat smears OPCW whistleblower, journalists with false letter, farcical claims

Miles who?

'Anonymous' anti-Trump official revealed as CNN pundit Miles Taylor, who lied about writing NYT op-ed