News, Fri., Mar. 10, 2023

This applies to both the right and left!

...if you only support free expression that aligns with your own interests and worldview, you don’t really support it at all.

Florida Republicans Are Reminding Us Again: The Right Doesn’t Care About Free Speech

Greece is literally being privatized to death.

...outdated and unsafe conditions are the product of neoliberalism.

Greece’s Tragic Rail Accident Was Caused by Austerity and Privatization

...given the current conditions, humanity must "stop focusing on cleanup and recycling and usher in an age of corporate responsibility for the entire life of the things they make."

"Cleanup is futile if we continue to produce plastic at the current rate, and we have heard about recycling for too long while the plastic industry simultaneously rejects any commitments to buy recycled material or design for recyclability," the scientist said.

Cleanup of Oceans 'Futile' If Plastic Production Continues at Current Rate: Scientist