News & Commentary (often Radical & Censored) for Saturday, May 28, 2022

We need a national industrial policy that, of course, includes energy.

American Solar Is Made With FORCED LABOR And Powered By COAL, Sparking New Trade War: Ryan Grim

Coverage and analysis of Russiagate by leftists:

How Hillary personally oversaw one of Russiagate's biggest fakes

About the latest mass school shooting at Robb Elementary School, Uvalde, Texas, it appears that a new national rule (among others) should be etched in granite that unless there are facts known by law enforcement indicating it would be sheer suicide, when any law-enforcement officers believe they are ready to go in to stop the perpetrator(s), they must be allowed to go in.

If the USA supplies Ukraine with the M270 Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) and the M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS), Russia will escalate to the degree necessary to take them out. Ukraine does not have the comprehensive set up to keep such systems secure from destruction. They will be lost.

Concerning Taiwan, the current policy of the USA is that the People's Republic of China is not the sovereign government of Taiwan. Xi Jinping is not the leader of Taiwan.

That being the case, Taiwan is, de facto, an independent, sovereign nation-state.

The Biden administration should stop monkeying around about it.

Why Russia has not engaged in all-out war in Ukraine: Russia is holding back in Ukraine for a number of reasons.

  • Russia doesn't want civilian deaths.
  • Russia wants Ukrainian soldiers to surrender rather than die.
  • Russia wants reserves in case a larger war breaks out, such as a war with NATO.
  • Russia wants the LPR and DPR to do a great deal of the lifting, as it is first their republics that are being freed from Azov and other attacks.
  • Russia doesn't want the USA and other nations to see what Russia is fully capable of doing.
  • Russia wants to show that it can do a great deal with less.
  • Russia is learning, relearning, and reinforcing its military as it goes.
  • Russia is not fully exposing itself to comprehensive risks.
  • Russia is keeping things completely manageable including so it can supply adequate humanitarian aid to liberated areas.
  • Russia is not using drafted troops in Ukraine (yet).
  • Russia is using up its old stocks of weapons and ammunition, which will free up space for new replacements.
  • Russia is weathering the economic sanctions much better than those who've levied them ever imagined Russia would.
  • Russia is minimizing the negative impacts on its civilian population.

Lie: "The Russians hacked the DNC." There has never been any proof of this shown anywhere by anyone. It is a completely fabricated allegation.

Lie: "Russia and Trump colluded." See above.

Truth: Sussmann colluded with Hillary Clinton to get the US government to investigate Donald Trump based upon false allegations fabricated by the Sussmann-Clinton coup group.

I believe in the right of any American to stand up and to say to the government of the USA to stop supplying weapons to Ukraine. Likewise, I believe in the right of any Russian to stand up and to say to the government of Russia to stop its Special Military Operation in Ukraine. I understand that others will see this as advocating treason, but not agreeing with the official position of one's government is not treason, per se, even during military law, which currently does not exist in either the USA or Russia. People must be free to voice differing views and to openly debate such views on the merits. Let the winner of such debates prevail in the minds of the people, who should dictate national policy and practices thereby.

I'm totally for a One World Government, but not just any One World Government. My One World Government has to be grassroots democratically driven. It cannot be a technocracy, plutocracy, corporatocracy, or anything of the like. I will fight all non-democratic efforts.

CHD Announces Press Conference Hosted by International Alliance for Justice and Democracy to Expose WHO’s Attempt to Foster a “One World Government” in the Name of Public Health

Elon Musk will defend his work. China aims to take out Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites

You see, reality will set in whether one likes it or not. Ukraine is losing. It always has been. All the talk about Russia losing Kiev, etc., has all been false propaganda.

Well, things weren't quite as idyllic as Thom claims ("When we handed America over to Ronald Reagan in 1981 it was a brand, gleaming new country..."), but he's right that the Republicans were dead wrong and screwed literally everything up. They improved absolutely nothing. Not one thing is better than it was as a result of their efforts. Their fixes were never in the right direction. Everything they did was a mask for plutocracy and worse.

Unfortunately, Democratic leadership, time after time, piled on with, rather than against, the Republican direction. Bill Clinton, for instance, was a corporatist through-and-through. His administration pushed through tons of idiotic deregulation completely in keeping with Reaganomics. We haven't had a true turnaround yet. The only real attempt has been Bernie Sanders, but the corporate wing of the Democratic Party conducted a slew of dirty tricks to sabotage Bernie's campaigns.

Wow, right-wing, corporatist, Zionist money from outside the district planning an attack on one of the most progressive voices in the US government: Wall Street-Funded Democrat PAC to Spend $1 Million in Bid to Unseat Tlaib: Report

... Klaus Schwab announced that 2021 is the year that the World Economic Forum and its allies must “rebuild trust” with the masses. However, if Schwab continues to hide his history and that of his father’s connections to the “National Socialist Model Company” that was Escher-Wyss during the 1930s and 1940s, then people will have good reason to distrust the underlying motivations of his overreaching, undemocratic Great Reset agenda.

In the case of the Schwabs, the evidence doesn’t point at simply poor business practices or some sort of misunderstanding. The story of the Schwab family instead reveals a habit of working with genocidal dictators for the base motives of profit and power. The Nazis and the South African apartheid regime are two of the worst examples of leadership in modern politics, yet the Schwabs obviously couldn’t or wouldn’t see that at the time.

In the case of Klaus Schwab himself, it appears that he has helped to launder relics of the Nazi era, i.e. its nuclear ambitions and its population control ambitions, so as to ensure the continuity of a deeper agenda. While serving in a leadership capacity at Sulzer Escher Wyss, the company sought to aid the nuclear ambitions of the South African regime, then the most Nazi adjacent government in the world, preserving Escher Wyss’ own Nazi era legacy. Then, through the World Economic Forum, Schwab has helped to rehabilitate eugenics-influenced population control policies during the post-World War II era, a time when the revelations of Nazi atrocities quickly brought the pseudo-science into great disrepute. Is there any reason to believe that Klaus Schwab, as he exists today, has changed in anyway? Or is he still the public face of a decades-long effort to ensure the survival of a very old agenda?

The last question that should be asked about the real motivations behind the actions of Herr Schwab, may be the most important for the future of humanity: Is Klaus Schwab trying to create the Fourth Industrial Revolution, or is he trying to create the Fourth Reich?

Schwab Family Values

Outrageous! The USDA is a racket designed to put the healthy competitors of unhealthy big corporate businesses out of business.

You probably don’t know (because I didn’t until Miller told me) that all USDA-licensed processing plants are required to treat ALL meat (even the local, grass-fed, organic variety) with synthetic preservatives.

“Often they use citric acid, which you’d think comes from oranges or lemons, but it’s a modified substance made from corn… and they don’t even have to label it on the meat,” Miller said.

“The USDA processing plants require the meat to be treated with a chemical cocktail of citric acid, lactic acid and peracetic acid,” said a customer who handles Miller’s website and other modern communications (because he’s Amish).

“The peracetic acid is toxic and the citric and lactic are GMO.”

“It’s not lactic acid coming from the fermentation of sauerkraut. It’s all created in a dish in a lab. It’s a synthetic sterilizer that causes many health problems,” Anke (who preferred not to use her last name) told me.

Amish Farmer Faces $250K Fine, Jail Time and Losing His Sustainable Farm for Processing His Own Meat

Where are the elected officials who should be putting a stop to this insanity?

Huge article: COVID UPDATE: What is the truth? We really needs a criminal investigation into COVID-19's origin and how the disease has been handled.

Ukrainian volunteer fighters in the east feel abandoned. They don't stand a chance.

How many times must I say that the Fed is NOT the cause of, or solution to, price inflation. National industrial policy is. We need to make enough to satisfy demand, ration, or both.

What's Turkey up to? Turkey will allow Finland and Sweden into NATO if NATO backs Turkey in Syria? Syrian, Russian Forces & SDF Officials Patrol Northeastern Region Amid Reports Of Near Turkish Attack

U.S. Oil Reserves Rapidly Declining