Usher’s News for May 4, 2021

The vast majority of the new laws are clearly unconstitutional. Will the Supreme Court stand up?

EXCLUSIVE POLL Finds OVERWHELMING Support For Protest, GOP Signs "Anti-Riot" Law

No, Google! Vivaldi users will not get FLoC’ed.

Nobody is flying to join Google’s FLoC

Google’s Privacy Sandbox?

In case you missed it and want to see it:

President Joe Biden's First Address to a Joint Session of Congress | FULL SPEECH AND TRANSCRIPT

I'm not going to critique his speech here.

Watch her from 1:27 repeatedly until you get it (if it takes more than once).

Rose McGowan STUNS With Truth About Dems, GOP In A Cult

BlueAnon: Glenn Greenwald on why Russiagate disinformation never ends

Carson McKee: Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You (Bob Dylan Cover) feat. Joshua Lee Turner

India's COVID task force pushes for nationwide lockdown as deaths mount | DW News

The US Empire is not an empire for democracy but for ultra-wealthy elitists. Keep that in mind as you watch this next video.

Jeremy Scahill: Will Biden UNDO The Foreign Policy Record He Created