News, Sat., Dec. 3, 2022

Well, I remember saying about Alex Jones before I heard anyone else say it, that he's never met a conspiracy theory he didn't like. However, he never met such a theory that he didn't turn that theory into a "proven fact." What was happening with him was likely two-fold. First, he was making tons of money from visitors to his site, etc., buying the products he was promoting. Second, he got carried away with seeing a pattern and then never remaining careful enough to say that it could be a mere coincidence in a given case, not all cases but at least some.

Let me put it bluntly. Sandy Hook did happen. Jones was far, far, far from the only person who fell into the pattern trap of their own making. Nevertheless, it did happen and it was a trap they all could have avoided simply by stating that they couldn't prove Sandy Hook was a "false flag" or the like.

So, now we've seen some protests in China that started with a riot in a factory where people really did suffer due to the Zero-Tolerance policy and who did fear a continuation or worse. How is it that word about that couldn't have spread within China independently of any and all Western journalists and/or the CIA and its ilk in other nations of the West? Which came first, 1) some Chinese citizens getting upset and rioting, which happens often in China over a number of different issues or 2) the CIA talking to people inside China to encourage them to protest or riot? It's as if nobody in the entire world ever does anything internally against that person's national government except that the CIA first encourages the person. How did all the revolutions in the world occurred before there even was a CIA? Were all revolutions only the result of outside encouragement and agitation?

The Democracy Movement in China was huge. It had a life of its own. It was crushed. It is now totally censored in China. It was all the doing of the West? Without the West, nothing ever would have happened in China? Then Mao was a CIA agent. That would be the logical conclusion if one were to carry to the extreme the Alex-Jones-level theories claiming nothing in China that's anti-Xi or like is homegrown but only due to the CIA.

Regardless, just because the CIA is not pro-democracy doesn't mean that Xi's anti-democracy is a good thing or better than true economic-democracy would be for China.

BTW, sovereignty and self-determination of the nation-state is not necessarily power to the people. Xi has sovereignty, and he self-determines China regardless of all the rest of political and economic needs and wants of the other Chinese people. There is no democracy in China. period! When the people, all of them, can vote Xi out of office, let me know. Until then, he's a two-bit dictator.

That said, keep it all in mind while watching this:

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My suspicion is rent increases will slow further over the coming months as the pace of household formation slows, and more supply comes on the market. Housing economist Tom Lawler recently wrote: "An actual decline in rents next year would be a reasonable base case". This is important for monetary policy.

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Oil and gas firms have always been scrutinized for paying low taxes, and scrutiny has only increased as energy bills rise. Major oil firms in the U.S. have been known to pay lower taxes than companies in other industries, this is because there is a tax code that permits energy firms to defer and avoid federal income tax payments. In addition, the 2017 Tax Cut and Jobs Act cut the effective tax rate for corporations, with oil and gas firms profiting from the change, as they are allowed to defer taxes. The favorable U.S. tax framework and additional subsidies for energy firms allow energy firms to pay comparatively low levels of tax.

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