Why fires; price-inflation controls; Sputnik V; Afghanistan "pull-out"; rent rises; the filibuster; & wrong censorship is death : Usher's News for Jul. 12, 2021

Why all the fire damage? Urban/suburban sprawl, bad forest and vegetation management, anthropogenic global warming, and human ignition are some of the reasons.

2020 was the most active wildfire season in West Coast history. It was particularly devastating for California. Five of the six largest fires in the state's history occurred. 4.1 million acres burned — more than double the previous annual record. ... The most common human-caused ignition sources in the wildfire-urban interface — overlapping wild and residential areas — are debris burning, arson and equipment use near fire fuel. ... Outside the wildfire-urban interface, the main sources are railroads and roadways, power lines and campfires.

Largest Wildfires in California History Happened in the Last Five Years

I'm writing this comment before listening to the video. This bout of price inflation is entirely due to a lack of policies and practices to match demand with supply. The one and only way to achieve a match is via directly democratizing the economy as much as possible so the whole people can see real-time and upcoming bottlenecks and make direct decisions on what they want to do about it, as they will be the ones carrying out their own decisions.

“Temporary” Inflation Is Turning into Inflation Spiral

This is ridiculous. The Russian COVID-19 Sputnik V vaccine is just as good if not better than the main US vaccines.

France calls to reject Russian vaccine

What the US corporate mainstream media is doing is working for all US corporate imperialist ambitions, which collectively constitutes total global domination not for democracy but for themselves, which means their top executives and shareholders. The US getting out of Afghanistan is something they don't like because they see it as a weakening of their strategic positioning vis-a-vis all the other powers in the world, particularly China and Russia, but even Europe as a whole. Biden's actions are old-school, even though he too is a corporatist. He's simply a corporatist he hopes placates the left enough so there won't be a violent revolution to overthrow the plutocracy.

Don't forget, truly pulling out of Afghanistan would also mean no CIA violence and no US paramilitary violence, etc. Do you think Joe Biden is pulling the CIA and the US contractors? I don't.

Krystal and Saagar: Media MELTS DOWN Over Biden's Afghan Exit

It's supply and demand and poor policies and practices. Population boom equals rent-rate rise:

Krystal and Saagar: Rent SKYROCKETS As Private Equity Giants Move In

The filibuster has always bee a major obstacle to great progress.

Psaki: Biden DOES NOT support eliminating the filibuster

Hypotheses proposed by the best scientists in their fields should NOT be censored.

Dr Vanden Bossche argues that we are seeing ever more variants associated with the global mass vaccination program
These are applying ever more selection pressure on a very specific area (the receptor binding domain) of the spike protein
This evolution of immune escape variants causes incomplete sterilisation of the virus in infected people, offering ever greater opportunities for evolution under this highly specific immune pressure
The consequence, as articulated by molecular epidemiologists, could be ever more variants (a ‘pandemic of variants’ – with a risk that more lethal, more transmissible and vaccine resistant variants will emerge).

From ‘Pandemic’ to ‘Pandemic of Variants’

Stop the mega-pharmaceutical corporations from dumbing us down and destroying what little democracy we have. We have a right to the information we need to make informed decisions.

In June, Dr. Bret Weinstein interviewed Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of mRNA vaccine technology, and Steve Kirsch, philanthropist and tech entrepreneur who has become a respected force in the quest to give voice to people who have been harmed by COVID vaccines.

The 3.5 hour “DarkHorse Podcast” interview was censored on YouTube and other major social media platforms. Five days after the DarkHorse podcast was published, Malone’s scientific accomplishments and contributions were scrubbed from Wikipedia.

Watch 1-Hour Version of Censored Interview with Inventor of mRNA Vaccine Technology