Usher’s Hardball, Sept. 24, 2021

This is the most revealing article I've read on the subject of censorship concerning the COVID-19 "vaccines."

Hertz said the mainstream media does not want to talk to anyone in her group who’s been injured because they’re not allowed to publish about vaccine injuries.

The information she provides via the article is damning. Informed consent is sacred. For the government to override it while hiding the risks and hiding early, inexpensive treatments is a grave sin. It's criminal on its face.

Read and share the article.

Exclusive: Physician ‘Horribly Injured’ After Pfizer Vaccine Pleads With Top U.S. Public Health Officials for Help — and Gets None

State law temporarily bans insurance companies from dropping customers who live in ZIP codes that are either next to or within the perimeter of a declared wildfire disaster.

Homeowners Near California Wildfires Won’t Lose Insurance

How many insurers will go bankrupt? I think when the government mandates something like this, it should backstop the companies.

The California Retailers Association expressed disappointment that Newsom signed the bill, saying it “will exacerbate our current supply chain issues, increase the cost of living for all Californians and eliminate good-paying jobs.”

California Governor Signs Legislation to Protect Warehouse Workers

So, the California Retailers Association opposes safe working conditions for warehouse workers.

You deserve to be informed before you consent.

Vaccination in Israel: Challenging mortality figures?

New York City Biometrics: New Law Applies To Commercial Establishments Including Retail, Entertainment And Restaurants

"China was the last man standing," Justin Guay, director of global climate strategy at the Sunrise Project, told The Guardian. "If there's no public finance of coal from China, there's little to no global coal expansion."

A crucial step towards doing away with coal production—the largest source of planet-heating carbon emissions—would be the end of domestic coal projects in China, said a number of observers.

Xi's announcement at the UNGA "is further evidence China knows the future is paved by renewables," Thom Woodruffe, a fellow at the Asia Society Policy Institute, told The Guardian. "The key question now is when they will draw a similar line in the sand at home."

'Huge Step Forward': China Applauded for Pledge to Stop Building Overseas Coal Plants

Durham’s investigative hypothesis is that the Clinton campaign consciously used Perkins Coie to submit dubious information to the FBI about Trump’s non-existent Kremlin ties in order to “gin up” the agency’s investigative activity in that regard, and damage his electoral prospects.

What did he know and when? Biden’s National Security advisor implicated in Alfa Bank Russiagate scam

Told ya so. Right from the start, I explained in writing and publicly that the entire Russiagate story was a fake made up by false propaganda "experts" who covet Russia for the US Empire all for neocon ends: global domination and morals, ethics, laws, and everything else being damned. It was all a coup attempt even before Trump was elected. I was not alone, but there weren't many of us to start with.

With Clinton lawyer charged, the Russiagate scam is now under indictment

The following linked report is fatally flawed for the simple reason that it utterly fails to even mention ivermectin use in various nations around the world, especially India, which clearly shows ivermectin's overwhelming effectiveness in early treatment.

The lesson of ivermectin: meta-analyses based on summary data alone are inherently unreliable

As Overnight Reverse Repos Spike to Record $1.28 Trillion, Fed Doubles Per-Counterparty Limit, Keeps Adding Counterparties

When you read this next linked-article, keep in mind that unemployment benefits have ended for millions and the unemployment rate is still high. In addition, evictions are increasing because the moratorium ended. Other benefits are also being reduced substantially as the COVID-19 waivers are allowed to expire. Therefore, there will be a great deal less consumer spending (demand). This means the Fed could easily overshoot in the other direction (overly tighten) and cause a deflationary recession.

10-Year Yield Jumps to 1.43% as Bond Market Reacts to what the Fed Said Yesterday about Tapering, Rate Hikes, and Inflation