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Democrats take control just in the nick of time. The Republicans would never do enough to keep the nation afloat and to stimulate while also working on the environment, etc. They'd let the country go to Hell in a hand basket.

Panel: SHOCKING Drop In Jobs As Economy Nears The Brink

Total nonfarm payroll employment declined by 140,000 in December, and the unemployment rate was unchanged at 6.7 percent. The decline in payroll employment reflects the recent increase in coronavirus (COVID-19) cases and efforts to contain the pandemic.

Some sectors have been hit very hard while others have done better, which is all completely logical given the impact of the pandemic.

THE EMPLOYMENT SITUATION—DECEMBER 2020 - empsit_01082021.pdf

Makes sense to me:

BREAKING: Biden explains why Bernie Sanders WASN'T chosen for Secretary of Labor but was considered


When acetaminophen affects your brain’s responses to social rejection, empathy and more, it also extends to other cognitive processes, possibly making them less effective. In another trial, participants who took either acetaminophen or a placebo performed a test to gauge decision-making abilities.

They had to click a button when the letter F appeared on a computer screen but not hit the button when an E was shown. Those who took acetaminophen performed worse on the test, suggesting the drug may lead to greater errors or flaws in decision making, and may also inhibit broader evaluative processes in the brain.15

Lead author Dan Randles, a postdoctoral fellow in the psychology department at University of Toronto, said in an interview with Forbes:16

"… [A]cetaminophen not only affects physical pain, but also feelings of social rejection, uncertainty and evaluative processing … This study is the first to provide compelling evidence that acetaminophen is affecting all of these symptoms by reducing the distress associated with any kind of cognitive conflict; whether the source is physical, social or more abstract."

More Reasons to Avoid Acetaminophen

U.S. Capitol Police say reports of officer death not accurate

What hospital staff are facing:

The patients are younger this time around too, and there are so many of them. They are sick. We are full. There can be no debate: this is much, much worse than the first surge.

There are so many Covid patients, younger this time. But my hospital is full | Anonymous | Society | The Guardian

Excellent article by Raúl Ilargi Meijer:

You would think that if there’s one group of people who’d recognize a coup if they saw one, it would be the American people. Because their intelligence services have been involved in almost all coups in the world for many decades; let’s say since WWII, to keep it simple.

Just in the most recent past, they staged and conducted coups in Libya, Ukraine, Syria, Venezuela and many other places (think Bolivia). Libya was the only real “successful” one, thanks to Gaddafi being sodomized with a bayonet, leading to Hillary’s giddy We Came, We Saw, He Died, the by far ugliest face of the US by a mile. That and the open-air slave markets that resulted from sodomizing to death the man who led Africa’s wealthiest country and gave his people benefits that Americans can only dream of.

And now Hillary’s crew are about to be handed the reins again. Or as Michael Tracey put it”: The new corporate authoritarian liberal-left monoculture is going to be absolutely ruthless – and in 12 days it is merging with the state. This [is] only the beginning. Duck for cover.

The Swamp Swallowed Trump

This is great. Unfortunately, it will probably be called an anti-vax article. It's not.

Like a lot of western reporting, the WSJ article held fast to an accepted COVID theme. The Indian miracle was due to masks, it asserted, since they are worn by 88 to 95 percent of a population “bombarded” with public-service reminders. The article cited German research that showed masks work.

Fair enough. However, many factors are likely at play in India, including its painful yet supported national shutdown and individual state efforts at contact tracing and testing. But a pivotal role in any illness is surely the availability of treatments to resolve illness before crisis.

Late last March, as the U.S. argued over the merits of Trump-endorsed hydroxychloroquine and studies failed in late-stage patients, India decided to recommend the drug in its national guidelines. HCQ “should be used as early in the disease course as possible…and should be avoided in patients with severe disease,” the directives wisely state. As a precaution, authorities suggested an EKG to monitor for a rare heart arrhythmia that several COVID studies have since shown to be minimal.

The Power Of One State

But a crucial turn for India may have come in August when the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh recommended use of another drug: Ivermectin, which is coming on fast as a leading COVID treatment — without the baggage of at-turns effective but vilified hydroxychloroquine.
“I can’t pinpoint if it was because of ivermectin,” he said. He also took doxycycline, zinc, aspirin, quercetin and, starting on day nine, the steroid dexamethasone for inflammation.

An Unlikely Nation Is Kicking This Pandemic. Guess Which. Then Why.

Are there still global-warming deniers?

2020 Hit Temperature Record, Rounded Off Hottest Decade – EU Climate Service

Be aware.

Blast at Chinese Battery Recycler Draws Attention to Industry’s Supply Chain Risks

Why did Biden choose Gina Raimondo? She sounds like a terrible choice.

'A Profoundly Troubling Pick': Progressives Slam Biden Choice of Gov. Raimondo for Commerce Chief

As more than 125 economists from institutions including Harvard, Princeton, and Berkeley told lawmakers in November, direct payments to a wide swath of American households "are one of the quickest, most equitable, and most effective ways to get families and the economy back on track" amid 6.7% unemployment and an economic crisis which has caused more than half of American adults to lose income, left nearly 26 million people unable to afford basic essentials like groceries, and caused an estimated 12 million renters to fall thousands of dollars behind in their rent payments.

Fortunately, there's at least one Republican Senator who will vote for $2,000 stimulus checks.

Just as Democrats Claim Senate Majority, Manchin Condemned for Vowing to 'Absolutely Not' Support $2,000 Checks