Usher’s News & Analysis for Feb. 27, 2021

... a few hundred million of mitigation investment over the last decade or so, since the 2011 FERC report, and a bit more planning could have probably prevented 90% of the damage ....

Most of Texas Deep Freeze $90 Billion in Losses Avoidable, Modeler Says

Builders Grapple With Land Shortage, Soaring Lumber Costs

You're not supposed to read this, and I'm not supposed to be posting it on a business website. Just remember, I'm not a libertarian. I totally oppose laissez faire! I love good government. Unfortunately, we have mostly liars as so-called political and media leaders.

Opening the CIA’s Can of Worms

Bill Gates is not part of the solution. He is the problem.

Bill Gates’ plans to remake food systems will harm the climate