Usher’s News & Analysis for Nov. 25, 2020

Have you ever wondered about the Syrian Kurds who are usually termed socialists by the Western MSM? Well, they aren't all socialists, not even close. The following article explains that they aren't even market socialists. Upon "opening up" after Mao, China started out as a market-socialist economy but moved into more and more capitalism. The Syrian Kurds are clearly capitalists but base their capitalism on the cooperative model. Read the article.

Explainer: Cooperatives in North and East Syria – developing a new economy

House prices jumped 7.0% across the US, according to the Case-Shiller Home Price Index released today. Other indices have indicated similar price surges. House prices are going nuts despite a terrible economy. They’re being fired up by low interest rates, $3 trillion in liquidity that the Fed threw at the markets, fear of inflation that drives people into hard assets, work-from-home that causes people to look for a larger place, the urge to-buy-now before putting the current home on the market, and a shift from rental apartments and condos in high-rise buildings to single-family houses.

The Most Splendid Housing Bubbles in America: Nov. Update

According to Check Point, the operators of WAPDropper use a common tactic, integrating the malware in apps supplied by unofficial stores.

New WAPDropper malware stealthily subscribes you to premium services

TrickBot is a malware infection commonly installed via malicious phishing emails or other malware. ...
... it could very well have been any file or any different language of code. I think the most interesting gimmick with the BAT/cmd.exe script is that it is native and inherent to a Windows operating system, so it doesn't need any external compiler or some other means to get the code to execute on the target."

Furthermore, the researcher told us, since all of the characters in the batch script were ASCII printable characters, rather than binary code, it was easier to transmit the script over the wire while bypassing the scrutiny of antivirus programs.

"We talk a lot about 'live-off-the-land binaries' and this is a peculiar one because it is not so much a 'binary,' but a trick to sort of weaponizing one."

"And of course, with all the characters being ASCII printable characters, this snippet can be easily sent over the wire, and since there aren't any glaring 'bad strings' or malicious signatures, an EDR or AV program could overlook it ....

TrickBot malware uses obfuscated Windows batch script to evade detection

Not-for-profit success (so far):

... 24,000 volunteers in the U.K, Brazil, and South Africa, with an average effectiveness of over 70%. However, when the vaccine was administered as a half dose, then patients were later given a full one, effectiveness increased to 90%. Encouragingly, there were no serious side effects registered among any of the volunteers, none of whom had to go to the hospital as a result of being immunized.

Not-for-Profit Oxford COVID-19 Vaccine Threatens Big Pharma Profit Logic

Not one word about the plight of the Palestinians and the ridiculous definition that anti-right-wing Zionism is anti-Semitism. That's why he lost. He lives on the defensive.

Jeremy Corbyn on the EHRC antisemitism report into Labour

“I want to make it clear, no, we did not lock down like many other countries, but we definitely had a virtual lockdown,” Tegnell said. “Swedes changed their behavior enormously. We stopped travelling even more than our neighboring countries. The airports had no flights anywhere, the trains were running at a few per cent of normal service, so there were enormous changes in society.”

Top epidemiologist says Sweden has no signs of herd immunity curbing coronavirus

... in the 1960s, hurricanes declined two-thirds in wind strength within 17 hours of landfall. But now it generally takes 33 hours for storms to weaken that same degree ....
... resulted from warmer ocean water temperatures, caused by the burning of coal, oil and natural gas.

Hurricanes Stay Stronger Longer After Landfall Than in Past

“The days of free passes and soft landings for polluters in New Jersey are over,” said New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal. “The corporations we’re suing knew full well the potential harms they were inflicting on our environment, but chose to forge ahead anyway. When companies disregard the laws meant to protect our environment, they can expect to pay.”

New Jersey Sues 3 Firms Over Chemicals in Drinking Water

This is another in an endless list of reasons the federal government must step up and pay people what they need!

Parents Say Employers Are Illegally Firing Them During Pandemic


laid the groundwork for the surge in small business lawsuits with passage of the Families First Coronavirus Response Act, which took effect April 1. The law requires employers to provide up to 80 hours paid leave to workers who contract COVID-19 or need time off to care for a family member with the disease, and up to 12 weeks of extended family and medical leave for employees needing to care for children whose school is closed or whose regular daycare provider is unavailable.

Private employers with more than 500 employees — and those who employ health care workers and emergency responders — are exempt from the FFCRA. Republicans insisted on the large employer exemption as a condition for passing the bill, according the Center for American Progress, a progressive group.

COVID Exposing Small Businesses to ‘Staggering’ Number of Employment Lawsuits