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What is PropertyPak?

PropertyPak® is one of several specialty divisions of Hill & Usher Insurance & Surety.

PropertyPak® was introduced specializing in Landlord Insurance; however, Hill & Usher provides a wide range of commercial & personal insurance often nationwide.

Whether your property is owner-occupied or leased, Hill & Usher has you covered.

What states do you cover for Dwelling Property Insurance (1-4 unit, residential)?

We are authorized in the following states: map of covered states.

However, availability of interactive quotation and application forms varies depending upon when insurance-company programs are undergoing radical updating.

How may I learn more of the details of your 1-4 Unit Residential-Rental Coverage offering?

Click here: 1-4 Unit Residential-Rental Coverage (opens in a new tab)

Does PropertyPak know Real Estate and Income Property?

We at PropertyPak® strives to stay abreast of all the latest news and events in the Real Estate industry.

While no one knows it all and we are constantly learning, you should be able to get a good sense of how interested we are in, and knowledgeable about, Income Properties by overviewing our News and Research coverage (which is just the beginning).

News & Research (will open in a new tab)

We hope you find us a useful resource, obtain your Landlord Insurance through PropertyPak®, and tell others about us.

Does PropertyPak have interactive, on-line forms I may fill, save, and submit?

We've created a number of interactive, on-line forms that you may fill, save, and submit.

Our intention is to continue creating such forms until we've literally exhausted all property and owner-entity types and geographical territories where we're licensed (nationally) and top carriers are writing policies.

Click on "Forms" on the top menu to see our forms.

Who is Hill & Usher?

Hill & Usher, LLC, (also known as Hill & Usher Insurance & Surety; founded 1995) is a leading Insurance & Surety agency headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

How may I learn more about Hill & Usher's history?

Hill & Usher, LLC, was established in Phoenix, Arizona in 1995 as a small, construction-only insurance agency. We've subsequently grown into a full-service, national organization.

Over the years, our attention to automation, quality customer-experience, comprehensive staff-training, and relationships with the world's and nation's finest insurance carriers has attracted many thousands of individuals, families, businesses, and other client types across America.

Where exactly is Hill & Usher's headquarters?

3033 North 44th Street, Phoenix, Arizona 85018, USA

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Is Hill & Usher Accredited by the Better Business Bureau®?

We sure are.

Hill & Usher Insurance & Surety BBB Review & Ratings

Does Hill & Usher represent top Insurance Carriers?

We represent the best.

Carriers (will open in a new tab)

We are adding more carriers all the time, and PropertyPak has full access to Hill & Usher's entire line of carriers.

How may I report a claim?

You may submit initial claim-information via our online form.

How do I request Certificates of Insurance?

You may request Certificates of Insurance via our online form.

What should I do to notify you that I want to Change Coverages?

You may let us know about the Changes in Coverages you desire via appropriate online Service Center forms.

What other Specialty Insurance does Hill & Usher offer?

Bar / Tavern



Residential General Contractors





Aerial Photographers/ Videographers


Photographers/ Videographers



Coming soon...


Traveling in Mexico

and more...

You say Hill & Usher is a full-service Insurance agency, but all I see are "Specialty" products. What standard coverages do you offer?

In addition to our Specialty programs, Hill & Usher offers the full range of:

Commercial Lines
Personal / Family Lines
Group Health, Life, and Disability
Surety Bonds (we're experts in this as well due to all the bonding we've done in the construction industry)

If you need an Umbrella package (we say you do if you don't have one), we can do that too!

What about Social, are you into that? I don't trust companies that aren't willing to interact out in the open.

We are, and we hope you are too and will share, tweet, subscribe, follow, like, etc., everything we have!:

RSS Articles

What if I don't find the answer to my question in these FAQs?

You may always submit a question via our commenting section (provided that feature is turned on; trolls are a nuisance wasting everyone's time and energy).

If you would be uncomfortable asking your question(s) in that manner for whatever reason (sensitivity, privacy, etc.), please feel free to submit your question(s) via our secure Contact Us form or phone us directly toll free • 800·956·4220.

You may also mail your questions to:

Hill & Usher
3033 North 44th Street
Phoenix, Arizona 85018

Be sure you include your contact information.

Lastly, you may set up an appointment to meet with us at our offices. Please call to schedule an appointment if that would be best for you.

Thank you.

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