Site Registration Initial Requirements

To help PropertyPak reduce registration spam and to increase overall website security, you agree to the following:

Once you're registered, you will immediately go to your Profile page ( and complete the following fields:

  1. First Name (real)
  2. Last Name (real)
  3. Nickname
  4. Display name publicly as
  5. Website (organizational, if available)
  6. Biographical Info:
    1. Full organizational name (If you represent yourself, if you will be completing online forms on PropertyPak for your own personal and/or commercial insurance products, use yourself as the "organization" or business. If your situation is unique, such as that you are an independent contractor representing an organization, you may explain that briefly in the Biographical section. Feel free to enter more than one organization: Yourself and the organization(s) you represent.)
    2. Full physical address
    3. Full mailing address (if different)
    4. Organizational phone number starting with the country code (US is 1), followed by the area code, and then the remainder of the full, usable phone number.

Your profile page is not publicly visible. It is not visible to other website users whether logged in or not other than authorized website administrators/developers and authorized/vetted third-party security services.

The Profile page is subject to change. Field names may change. Additional fields may be added breaking out the Biographical info data above. When you complete our online forms, you may be required to enter some of the same information. Thank you for understanding and for your cooperation.

You understand that if you do not do this, your registration will be removed without notice. You may be blocked as a registration spammer and reported to anti-registration-spam services/sites. If you experience a computer problem before being able to complete the requirements, please contact us with the particulars. If we are able to independently verify your legitimate identity as a non-spammer, we will lift any block placed upon your IP (if static) and take other steps to allow you to gain access to our site and to have you removed from any anti-spam services we utilize that logged you as a spammer due to your failure to complete the steps outlined above.